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dhigbee has 8 years experience and specializes in FNP.

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  1. dhigbee

    Online FNP/ACNP Programs

    This is a late reply, but hope it's helpful. University of Southern Indiana has a good program. I graduated from their FNP program in 2005. PM me if you have further questions.
  2. dhigbee

    FNP program at University of southern indiana

    I graduated from their FNP program in 2005 (with a MSN). It was a good program, with competent, caring instructors. Like all nursing programs, there was more emphasis on nursing theory and research than I would have prefered. Finding preceptors in your home area can be challenging. It helps to have connections or at least acquaintances in local clinics. Often your state nurse practitioner association can be very helpful with this. Dana
  3. dhigbee

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    Not correct. A DNP requires 2-3 years after the Masters degree. To go directly from the Bachelor's in Nursing to the DNP is around 4 years of full-time study.
  4. dhigbee

    Can you work full time while attending NP school?

    When I went to school, I did the 2 year MSN program in 3 years (part-time) plus I worked 16 hours (or less)/week. That was definitely as much as I wanted to manage at one time! At my particular program, the faculty recommended against anyone (working or not) trying to complete the program in 2 years, it was quite rigorous. Dana
  5. dhigbee

    discussion regarding education of NP (DNP) and PA compared to MD/DO

    Incorrect in my state. Chemistry is required, along with anatomy, physiology, biology and micro (among other courses) for ADN programs. Dana
  6. dhigbee

    How did you overcome the "Imposter Syndrome"

    I suffered with the impostor syndrome with my first several months of practice. Not because I missed bedside nursing at all, but because I saw myself making decisions that could have major affects on my patients' health status, and felt unsure in my role. It did pass. One point I'd like to make however, is that it's important to remember that all of us are fallible (yes, even medical deities), and all of us are still learning (hopefully). It's alright to not know everything, as long as you recognize your limits, and know how to access the information. Dana
  7. dhigbee

    Do NP's Practice Medicine?

    I've decided that I no longer care what you call it. I just want to take care of my patients' healthcare needs to the best of my ability. To do that I pull from many disciplines (nursing, medicine, psychology, teaching, counseling, PT, and so forth). Dana
  8. dhigbee

    Do you think NP's are "midlevels"?

    I like this designation better as well. I'd take it over mid-level provider any day. Dana
  9. dhigbee

    Differential diagnosis: NP or CNS?

    Differential diagnosis is something I do with every patient I see in the clinic settiing. (I'm an FNP). I expect it would be the same in any setting. Otherwise you could be missing things, to the detriment of your patient.
  10. dhigbee

    states NP's practice solo?

    Well, not really. In Oklahoma our practice is independent, and is regulated by the state BON. In order to prescribe, however; we need a "supervising physician", who is available via telephone or email (or onsite) should we need a consult. The physician supervises our prescribing, not our practice... Clear as mud? Dana
  11. dhigbee

    Differences (Educative/Clinical) between NP & PA

    I would think that most any hospital nursing experience would help to prepare for the nurse practitioner role. I never planned to be a hospital nurse long-term, but I "did my dues" in preparation for obtaining a masters degree. Specifically, I learned much about health assessment, patient responses to disease processes, disease management, current medical therapy, monitoring lab results, time management... I could go on and on. In addition, the people skills one learns (both with other medical staff and with patients) are invaluable. Dana
  12. dhigbee

    For the ACNP's, why acute care?

    FNP's training is ideally suited to primary care, i.e. in a medical office, minor emergency, or community health center. In certain areas of the country, states are preferring ACNPs for hospital work, because their training is better suited for work along this line. (I'm so glad you ACNPs like the hospital - it's not my cup of tea). We need providers of all types and expertise.
  13. dhigbee

    ANP vs. FNP for cardiology?

    As far as I remember, I had to have a minimum of 720 clinical hours for my FNP program. I don't think this is unusual for FNP programs. I searched online, but was unable to find the number of hours necessary for certification as a FNP. Dana
  14. dhigbee

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    Somehow the posts that I was responding to disappeared. What I mean by the post above was it's probably healthier for one's psyche to stay away from the student doctor forums.
  15. dhigbee

    Doctoral degree to become an NP???

    I'm just not sure it's worse the pain and frustration of endlessly reading these posts. It's important to know that these attitudes are out there, but don't let your practice or your self-image be influenced by them. Continue providing the care that only you can provide, and continue growing in knowledge and excellence. Dana
  16. dhigbee

    VENT: My Frustrating 1st ACNP Job

    Woohoo!!! Dana