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Hi, I'm going to apply to nursing school in the fall of 2010 and i was wondering how hard it is to be a nurse. My plan is to get my ADN and go on to get my BSN. Any help would be appreciated......:nuke:

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As long as you apply yourself, stay on top of everything, remaining focused, you should pass it with no problems.

I know this has been posted about before. Try searching on this website and you should get more opinions and suggestions.

Good luck to you.

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Yes, nursing school is hard. It requires a huge investment of time and energy.

Being a nurse is hard, too (at least it is during the first year). You can do it if you try, though.


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There is no doubt that nursing school is a challenge. If it was easy anyone could be a nurse. The question to ask yourself, as i did before i applied is " Is this really my passion? Is all this work going to ultimately form me into what i feel I'm called to do?". The main thing is to stay focused and always be an eager learner. The field of nursing has an enormous amount of potential and things to offer once you done with school. I would like to say this from personal experience make sure your personal life is in order and you gain a support from your family and friends before you start scool. It makes a difference when you have distractions taking your mind off of school. Go for it and good luck to you. Hopefully some of this was of some help to you.

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Not everyone finds nursing school hard. For me the struggle was more about the demands of time and energy. From what I've seen, those who struggle and those who fail are the ones who didn't make school a priority. Those who didn't commit enough time to studying struggled. Those who took on too much also struggled, like working full-time and raising small children while doing nursing school.

I agree with swirlything....I am not in nursing school yet, but what she said is the same thing I have read time and time again here and on blogs. The general consensus seems to be that yes, nursing school is hard, but it truly is about priorities as well as using your resources. If you are working full time, raising a family, etc. then of course its going to be harder, unless you have some really good support from your spouse and/or family members. Also, if you find yourself struggling with a particular subject or the material in general, remember that there are tons of resources online (study guides, flash cards, forums) as well as resources at your school (my school has a tutoring center for math). So yes, it's probably going to be hard, but if you put your mind to it, make it a priority, and get help when you need it, you WILL succeed!! Good luck to you!


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I wouldn't say nursing school is hard, it is just different than any schooling I have had up to that point. It consumes me. When I am not in class I am at clinicals, when I'm not in clinicals I am studying. When I am actually doing something that isn't nursing school related I am thinking about what I need to be doing in nursing school.

Nursing school instructors teach you to look at the world through different eyes. It is challenging to learn how to think in a way you have never thought before. You are re-training your mind and that takes time and repetition (believe me, you get the repitition in ns).

Just remember that the harder you work for something the more rewarding it is when you earn it. There are thousands of nurses so it is obvious that it is do-able, focus and make it a very high priority and you will get through it!

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It's different strokes for different strokes. We all come to the table with different ability levels and academic preparation, and one person might think nursing school is difficult while another student feels it isn't challenging at all.

Unfortunately, the rest of the academic world doesn't regard nursing as challenging or a career field for the "best and the brightest."

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For an adequate student, nursing school isn't hard. However, it is still work to stay on top of your classes, and slacking off has major consequences.


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If you are focused and make going to nursing school a priority you will make it. We all have our weak spots and at some point something may seem overwhelming, and when it does take a step back and re-evaluate. It is a challenge and as one of the other posts state it does consume you because you want to understand and be the best nurse that you can be. Just make sure that you have a support system in place and that you will have little time to devote to anything outside of nursing school.

I think you will do well. It takes a special person to be a GREAT nurse and by you inquiring to see what you getting into shows that you don't just jump into things blindly. I hope that you get in and be encouraged.


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thanks so much guys, i really appreciate this, i've wanted to be a nurse since I was little but i stayed away because everyone it seems was discouraging me, and i decided to get my degree in business, but now i realize that my passion is nursing and that's what i want to do, hopefully the school i'm going to in south carolina won't kill me too bad:)

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What I would like to know is how difficult NS compared to A&P? I did very well in A&P1 and 2. It was tough, but manageable.

Also I am thinking about the comment about NS teaching you to think differently. How? What can I expect in that front? Maybe I can get started now on retraining my mind.

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