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Hi everyone,

I start school in four weeks and one of my first classes is microbiology. I have heard major horror stories about this one. How scared should I be?:confused:


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I'm sure it's different for everybody. Personally I loved micro. Don't get me wrong, it was HARD, but it was so interesting that I didn't mind. I got really bored with pre-req classes like chemistry that were too removed from nursing--I was anxious to get to the good stuff. Micro was one of the first classes where we actually started talking about diseases and patient responses.

I credit a lot of my interest to the professor, though. He was this big fat German guy with a walrus mustache who looked like Wilford Brimley and said stuff like, "Den you put de vater in de winegar." He was a little too into STD's and once spent an entire class showing us slides of chancres and syphilis. EW!

When he was explaining the difference between bacteremia and septicemia, he said, "Now vit de bacteremia, the bacteria is a-knock-knock-knockin' on de front door of de cell. But you don' vanna open de door! :nono: If you open it, den you got de septicemia!"

He was so weird and so funny that I could not WAIT to get to class every morning and hear what he was going to say. He was also really cool about giving you partial credit on test answers if he saw that you were trying to apply a sound principle or were trying to reason something out but just ended up with the wrong answer. I studied my ass off for the final--I can't remember ever studying harder for an exam--and I barely got a C. And I was damned proud of it. :D

Seriously, I hope you get a good instructor. Study hard but enjoy it too.


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I can't help it but I can't wait to start!!! I have been pushing paper and helping people get rich for five years and I can't wait to dive in and do this. I wish your professor was in Miami! What a riot:chuckle Unfortunately, I have a serious laughing problem which would probably get me kicked out of his class (wouldn't be the first time)

Thanks again for the words of encouragement!!!!

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I also LOVED Micro. It was so interesting. Of course it also left me a little freaked out about what was growing on EVERY SINGLE SURFACE we touch. *shudder* A little obsessive handwashing followed class. I didn't think it was that difficult, but then I really enjoyed the instructor and the information.

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I thought micro was utterly fascinating, and I enjoyed the class very much. Lab was cool; we spent the whole semester learning how to test and stain and whatnot, and our final was getting an "unknown" and using the notes we had taken during the semester we had to figure out what the bacteria was.


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I adored Micro until about four hours ago, when I sat down to compose my unknown lab report... ;)

I think it all depends on your professor. Mine is so knowledgable and fun. It makes me never want to miss a class, which I'm thinking doesn't hurt the test results. LOL

Don't sweat it. If you go to lecture, work hard in lab, and dedicate yourself, I'm sure you'll be fine.

Oh, and try to get a lab partner who looks like a serious student. ;)

Donna :)


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Ok, I will tell you I HATED micro! I didn't do well in the class and I am usually a very good student. I will tell you this though I think had I had a different instructor I probably would have had a different opinion. The instructor I had was awful. My advice would be if you start noticing your grades slipping get help from tutoring through the school. I really wish I had. I am not sure if it is the same in all classes, but for us it was one of those things where one thing built on another so if you got lost early on it was hard to catch up. All that being said I did pass it with not an awful grade, but not my best grade either. Good luck!



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I loved micro so much that I've hooked up with my micro professor to do an honors research project that connects to nursing.

It was a really hard class. But, interesting! Just remember to study and you'll be fine.


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I haven't taken Micro yet but I am so looking forward to it. I have heard good and bad but I will judge for myself.. Good Luck with it..



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I'm taking micro now, and enjoying it. That doesn't mean I don't get overwhelmed sometimes with all that I have to remember. But it is fascinating, especially when you think about how much it will apply to everything we do as nurses. Keep the faith!

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Is micro scary? Well it was a tough but fascinating course.

Now, thinking about ever eating out again?........that was scary!!


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My instructor was new and was completely overwhelmed. We made it through our notes in 20 min (class was 2 hours). We were all so lost and failed our first test. After that, she let us use our notes and book. I didn't learn a darn thing, but I got an A. I should say I learned enough to get by. I was pretty cheated, but I'm definitely not retaking it for the knowledge now! I'm done in 6 months...woohoo!!!


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