Is LTC really this bad?

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Hopefully the moderators won't mind, since I did post this article on the California board ...

But I was also wondering what you LTC folks thought about this ...

Two-thirds of the staff in 1,400 California nursing homes quit in 2002. Yikes!

Is LTC really this bad?



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:o YES. TLC is that bad.


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OOPS I meant LTC.

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That is horribly scarey!

renerian :uhoh21:


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I guess it all depends on where you work! I like where I work.


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I believe that stat. I dont work for LTC but I do occasionally do special duty. At one I went to I did two different pts....on a hospice type wing, about 3-4 months apart. Same wing, same shift. In that time frame, all the staff, RNS included changed. Sad thing is, that LTC is the top rated LTC in our county.


LTC is better here than in some areas I have visited. We need to realize the elderly have value and dignity. One day we many be in the shoes of so many who depend on us. That thought really scares me.


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:) Yes I love working with the elderly. Even though working in LTC is a nightmare I will be returning to LTC nursing in August.

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Those of you with LTC experience do you find working for a big chain is worse than working for lets say a mom/pop home?

I was just curious?



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Another question: Is low medicare reimbursement the crux of the problem? If you could fix this, what would you do?


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i have been saying for quite some time that the staffing regulations have to change. from what i understand....there has to be a certain amount of nursing hours per nh (includ. cna, lpn, rn lumped together)...but, the facility admin. can distribute those hrs. in any way they see fit regarding how many of each. plus, there are callins almost daily. cnas are always carrying too heavy a load of residents. the laws and regulations need to change!!!!

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This is SO true. And then everyone suffers, the CNA & the residents.


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