Is a 3.6 gpa good enough for nursing school?



I am about to be a junior in high school, and I've been looking into nursing school. I would like to take the high school direct entry route. I had a 3.67 gpa last year, and a 3.73 cumulative. This year I'm taking two AP classes plus an honors class. Although I haven't taken the SAT yet, my PSAT was 1120, which I know isn't super high. Assuming I can get my real sat score to around a 1220, would I have a good shot at getting into a direct admit nursing program? Thank you!!

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It just depends on the program and how many top students are applying to their program. They may list some kind of minimum GPA requirement, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't actually require much higher.

That said, your grades look good and you seem to be on track, but without knowing more, it's impossible to say.


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Yes it is! I've done a lot of research and of course, every university is unique... But that's a great GPA, so I think you'll be just fine!

Yeah, your GPA is great and you should have no problems at all with that, but getting into any specialized college program is more than just your GPA. Anyone can pass general education classes. Schools are typically going to use entrance exams, interviews, essays, and other different ways to separate who they think will be a good student. GPA is more of how to get into the more popular school instead of the community college.

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I got into my community college program with a 3.7 an alternate. They looked at the hard sciences, only. Every program is different.

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I think you are at a great start and I would say keep it up and it won't hurt to go higher either.

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Your GPA will get you into a school but to get into the main nursing program- not the prerequisite classes - you need to maintain a good GPA especially in the hard sciences: anatomy, physiology, microbiolgy.

@Sour Lemon, likewise. I got in as an alternate in my program with a 3.6.


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You have two more years of high school, and a lot of courses to take. I guess if you keep up good grades in the remaining of your courses, and at least your current GPA, I think you will have a good chance.

I got into my community college RN program with a 3.6 prerequisite GPA no waitlisting.

My overall GPA was a 2.135. I was out of school for 3 years and just went back Fall of 2017 to start taking my prerequisites.


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Depends on what the schools you are applying for are looking for. I had a 3.8 and didn't get into my first choice because they were mainly looking at an essay about why you wanted to be a nurse. I'm not a good writer. I'm happy I'm in the program I'm in though. They looked primarily at your GPA from your first year taking pre-reqs (not direct admittance) and you had to have at least a 3.6. So your GPA is fine, but colleges look at a lot of different things.