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I just started clincal for my FNP and I hate it. There is limited time spent with patients and a work/life balance seems impossible. My preceptor works 7:30-6 Monday-Friday, the practice closes at 5pm, then she charts some on Saturday. I have a four year old and I don't want to be away from her all the time. I am debating dropping out but I have 91,000 in student loans from ASN, BSN, and now part of my MSN. I'm also debating switching to public health or education. Any advice is appreciated.

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It all depends on why you are wanting to be a FNP. Is it financial? Wanting professional growth?




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I have several coworkers that got their FNP, but gave up looking for an FNP job. All they could get were Minute Clinics in Walgreens/CVS. A couple of coworkers got jobs as FNPs, but are coming back to the unit because they have more flexibility as a bedside nurse.  

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