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Snatchedwig has 12 years experience as a ADN, CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in Medsurg.


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  1. Snatchedwig

    Is it possible for a manager to smile too often?

    I dont care what others think of me. You shouldn't either. Get your check girl.
  2. Snatchedwig

    CoWorker using a patient's medication

  3. Snatchedwig

    Witchcraft resurgence

    Okay. Imma need some credentials . Do you have a degree in nursing? Or had a microbiology class complete?
  4. Snatchedwig

    Free Standing ER Patient Abandonment

    I'm lost. Why you need a relief if your not doing patient care ? Just go on lunch.
  5. Snatchedwig

    Patient care positions that require limited walking?

    Admission nurse
  6. Snatchedwig

    Witchcraft resurgence

    Okay half of that website is cosmetic stuff. You dont know certain oils are great moisturizers? A lot of pharmacological medicines derive from natural ingredients.
  7. Just mind what you say onward. People dont have the same type of disposition like others. You would get your license back.
  8. Snatchedwig

    Witchcraft resurgence

    Bro/sir/ma'am, you come on here stating very bold statements. If you can not show an instance where this is happening , you need not post on a forum where are objective medical professionals roam. What specific hoaxes? There are known uses for essential oils.
  9. Snatchedwig

    What is up with these Sickle Cell Patients?!

    Educate yourself on pathophysiology of said diagnosis. That is an incredibly painful ailment. It sucks even more when the people who supposed to care and advocate for them is calling them a addict and not believing their pain. Its YOUR job to treat them. If their pain isn't being relieved you will need to assess the degree of sickle of the RBC to prevent vascular stasis which in turn causes this.
  10. Snatchedwig

    Preceptor has 1 and half year of work experience

    Ask for a new preceptor. Simple
  11. Snatchedwig

    Do you have trust in your doctors?

    Totally agree. There's this one cardiologist I'm so involve with....
  12. Snatchedwig

    Witchcraft resurgence

    Can you give us a specific example that you've come across please.
  13. Snatchedwig

    Do you have trust in your doctors?

    Okay so what is your point? Are you trying to equate nursing behavior? Not the point of this thread. It's for me to vent and possibly share a view of similar experiences. Any friggin way.
  14. Snatchedwig

    Do you have trust in your doctors?

  15. Snatchedwig

    Do you have trust in your doctors?

    I can honestly say the drs at my job I have no faith or trust in. Pulmonologist rounding ( 2 seconds)with no stethoscope, then magically have a full progress note. Or they do their assessments at the door. Or they put in their notes "spoke to RN" and I'm like when?? Gosh totally needed that. Vent over.
  16. Snatchedwig

    NPs practicing as RNs: Is it legal?

    why would that be a legal issue? just stay within the scope your working in at that time.

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