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Snatchedwig has 14 years experience as a ADN, CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in Medsurg.


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  1. Snatchedwig

    The Failure of Modern Healthcare due to Administration

    The spitting comment was tacky.
  2. Snatchedwig

    I called in sick today, they didn't accept it.

    Wow that's so sad and heartbreaking. When I call off I say "I'm calling off today" if they ask me why I say "none of your business". It's not their business
  3. Snatchedwig

    COVID Myth-Busters

    People also say they won't take it because something about aborted fetuses.
  4. Snatchedwig

    What to do after academic dismissal?

    Nothing to be embarrassed about. If you passed some classes in the BSN program then hopefully the other school you applied to will give you credit for it!
  5. Snatchedwig

    Jersey college November 2021

    I graduated from Jersey college. Im a RN now and I so are tons of other people.?
  6. Snatchedwig

    How much do you really make as a travel nurse?

    It all depends on your stipends and how the taxes. Usually travel nurses bring home close to what their contract amount says. Can't speak for everyone but for me it is.
  7. Snatchedwig

    Who are you talking to?

    I would of looked at him like this.
  8. Snatchedwig

    Big Med Error.

    Accidents happen. Accidents are great teaching tools too. Enjoy your day off!
  9. Snatchedwig

    Pyxis Discrepancy

    Don't worry about it. Whoever fixed the discrepancy after you would have had to make a comment to fix it.
  10. Snatchedwig

    I have an idea...

    I'm one of those high paid nurses you talk of??
  11. Snatchedwig

    Unable To Transfer Due To Write Up

    That's ridiculous. Im curious the overall vibe of the hospital?
  12. Yup!
  13. Snatchedwig

    Is Anonymity Important to You?

    Super important to me. If I want to vent I can come on here without feeling nervous.
  14. Snatchedwig

    The Failure of Modern Healthcare due to Administration

    I stopped reading after awhile. It's too long it gave me anxiety LOL. Anyways I do appreciate your feelings. It's hard for every level of the nursing field unfortunately. Can only pray it gets better. I do appreciate everything you do. S...