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  1. Snatchedwig

    Shocking abuse caught on tape

    Im shocked on so many levels. Stuff like this makes me shake my head
  2. Snatchedwig

    Shocking abuse caught on tape

    I was in shock when i saw this. Who raised that girl????
  3. Snatchedwig

    Shocking abuse caught on tape

    Has anyone seen this story before? This apparently happened 6 years ago but the video has been kept away from the public till now. This shows a developmentally delayed man being taunted and BEATEN in a healthcare facility. I am in total shock. Beyond disgusting. https://www.wtsp.com/article/news/investigations/the-reveal/video-shows-healthcare-staff-punching-beating-man-with-disabilities-with-belt/85-bd25b5f9-1a4d-43ea-83f8-509b5d9e0c61
  4. Snatchedwig

    2019 Salary Survey Results Part 1 - Demographics

    Can you direct me to where the LPNs are.
  5. Snatchedwig

    And The Reason Nurses Don't Get Fired

    Theres this dude that apparently signed other nurses signatures on the narcotic sheet. Still here and kicking
  6. Snatchedwig

    Sent STUPID email "joke": what now?

    Yes we think the OP should compound this mistake by posting it here.
  7. Snatchedwig

    Sent STUPID email "joke": what now?

    Can you tell us the joke? I needs me a laugh.
  8. Snatchedwig

    New Nurse..Lost a pt. I didn't know ID hurt so deeply

    Is this your first patient death?
  9. Snatchedwig

    How do you handle touchy/feely coworkers?

    Im surprised this is even an issue for you considering how you respond on ths forums with strength and veracity sometimes. Just tell the chick dont touch me. Problem solved. I tried paying my bills with someones feelings and opinions, the check bounced.
  10. Snatchedwig

    Nurse Accused of Taking Naked Photos of Nursing Home Patients

    Is this a joke???? You cant be serious ... REALLY?? Wow
  11. Snatchedwig

    Lost Integrity: When Nursing Students Cheat

    I never had a group care plan before. Thats a first...anyone else? If people cheat, thats their business and none of mine.
  12. Snatchedwig

    Patient's who STINK

    How about you assess the patient and see why said persons have hygiene issues? Financial? Lack of resources? Your job as a nurse is to treat the patient in its entirety. I would be trying to find the root cause and treating that person with compassion. Maybe Ms. Sally has to prioritize buying food than deodorant.
  13. Snatchedwig

    Sen. Maureen Walsh Response to Backlash

    lol wouldnt that be funny if people actually sent her deck of cards.
  14. The only thing out of my schooling that I do not use is geometry. I do however know all the abdominal regions by heart. I work in a LTACH so im required to have a certain base of knowledge for my super sick population--- so I resent the whole LPN thing you mentioned.
  15. Snatchedwig

    Difficult Doctors:  Tips for Students and New Nurses

    1. Know your patient in and out. 2. Know the disease process in and out. 3. Know nursing interventions and considerations in and out. With all that said when you consult with a dr. Do it in a place of confidence. They are more inclined to answer professionally than not. No matter how they answer, stand your ground with shoulders up and use direct eye contact....kinda with anything in life. Confidence! However there are situations that would need to happen. I have two known Drs here that are so rude to nurses that whenever you mention their names its like a lord voldermort situation out of harry potter. Both drs i made in a point to put them in their place publicly in front of the nursing station. funny how i think im one of the few nurses they say good morning(or whatever the time is) to now.