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  1. Let's have a little fun. What questionable actions have you witnessed by someone that makes you go hmmm...roll your eyes or just flat out laugh? The pulmonologist who listened to my patients lungs without having stethoscope in his ears. My last job I went toward the nursing station after being with a patient. The janitor lady was sweeping the counters with the broom.
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    5th e-Cigarette Death Reported As Illnesses Double

    I know as a nurse I shouldn't make judgements.....but this is like drinking a whole bottle of vodka and waking up with a killer hang over. What did these people think would happen? The potency of it is so much more than a cigarette by the looks of the smoke.
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    I HATE nursing school... Now what?

    Girl bye. Have a seat. Several. You know how many people don't get to the level your at? Your smart. Go get your RN
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    Accelerated LPN Programs

    Don't you dare quit. You got this boo!
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    right med, right dose, wrong route... ouchhhh

    Leave a Google review.
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    How do you deal with a rude/difficult patient?

    When I'm in those situations my demeanor changes from a loving professional to a resting B face. Maybe my face is off-putting but they usually know I ain't the one and they don't want none of this. From there I only interact when needed and get out ASAP. Don't internalize this.
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    Oh dear. That situation sounds awful. It sounds like your nerves got to you. Your going to go back in there with a level head and your going to excel! My RN clinicals weren't as tough as my LPN ones. What I did for tough instructors was imagine they were naked or something. It made me smile......a lot. If humor doesn't work, start working on your stress management skills now. A big part of clinicals is not just the knowledge aspects but also to strengthen the fortitude of that student. BREATHE! I practice mindful breathing a lot. Breathe in slowly 1-2-3-4-5, out 1-2-3-4-5 that's 1. Do that till 10. Only thing that your mind should be focused on is those numbers. BREATHE! And here's a hug. Do come back and share with us how you doing. Get your RN girl!
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    When Police and Nurses Disagree Over Blood Draw Consent - Know What to Do

    Depends on how hard the stick is.
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    Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    Nope your pretty much screwed. Listen to the advice given here and head onto the next clinical.
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    Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    Baby girl you getting it now!
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    Anoxic Brain Injury - Nurse Accused of Not Treating Asthma

    That's so sad. Prayers for everyone
  12. Try primary care nursing maybe. I can sympathize with you
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    Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    You don't question the staff. Is that hard for you to comprehend? Your a GUEST. When we were in school we saw all types of mess in clinicals. Did the staff know we were taken back? NOPE. You have a question? Ask your instructor. The energy I get from you with each of your replies is definitely what the staff sees. I never spoken to anyone who got written up at clinicals yet more than once.
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    Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    Seriously your not getting it. Don't suggest, don't give advice, hell on your case don't speak unless spoken to. In clinicals you are supposed to be a fall on the wall. It boggles my mind why this is hard to comprehend. Someone else on here got kicked out of school because they got on the staff nurses nerves. Seriously??
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    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    You gotta be kidding me
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    NCLEX: expectation to pass

    I saw a few test questions of the new format. That stuff is harrrrrrrrrrrrrd
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    NCLEX: expectation to pass

    I'm reading all these different threads about the NCLEX...very interesting. Has anyone been confident that they would pass the NCLEX? I took my exam within 30 minutes and would have been shocked if I fail. Anyone else??
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    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    Reminded me of the nurse that was trying to prime a bag from bubbles and ended up have like 10ml left when done...she drained the fluids into a glove and then wanted to reinject the fluids back into the bag.....the now non sterile fluids
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    Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    That literally makes no sense whatsoever. Like none. Why are you developing this grandiose backbone for something non-existent? What's more equally tragic is you giving her the thought that whenever you get a less than favorable response it should be perceived as an attack.
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    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    Or that same guy charts "discussed with RN at bedside" and that conversation never happened
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    Questionable actions that make you go hmm?

    Lol yes.
  22. Girl I was at a clinical site looking all cute. When I looked down at my gas tank, someone popped off my gas door and tried to steal my gas out my motorcycle.
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    Former VA employee implicated in 10 potential homicides

    Wow. Will be following this .
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    Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    Learn to be quiet. Best advice anyone in this thread can give you.
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    Unfair Clinical Evaluations

    Get over it. Nursing school and nursing in general is not always gonna appeal to you sympathetic-like. In fact nursing school is where you are not only learning clinical aspects but to man up to the real world. Your mission at this point is to pass. By any means necessary. I recommend sink into the crowds and not stand out to your instructor.