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Is it ever too early for NCLEX prep


Hello all... I am currently in my third semester of an ADN program... I will have free time on my hands this summer and was wondering if it was a good idea to spend money on NCLEX review classes... I will be graduating in December 2015...is it a good idea to attend a review class or two while I have time... Or will I be overwhelmed... Also can anyone suggest reading material or any tips on choosing the best "In Class" reviews ... Thanks so much in advance

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I know if you take the HURST review live class, you scan take it as many times as you want after that for free for a year. You don't get a new notebook but it would be great reinforcement. If I had known that, I would have taken it prior to my last semester.

I say yed...and maybe no

yes because it will only benefit you when it comes time to take the exam. I'm sure you want to getc into residency program in January and you may not be left with much time with graduation and applying.

No because the thought of nclex is a lot of pressure especially as you prepare and you start to freak out ...in some people cases this does happen.

Maybe you can get a small nclex review book to do questions

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Probably a little early for a review class. But if have time on your hands, study labs, study pharma - will help you in school, clinical and nclex.

I say no... What's the point of an nclex review class if you havent finished school yet... You'll have a semester left.. Just be patient and do things in order. You will make time when u need to come December/January ... I graduated December and took review class in December, took and passed nclex in January .