Is CNA the right Move???


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I have a previous degree in Administration and is currently working full time in the Social Service field. I am attending school and will enter the Nursing program in the Fall 2010, during that time i will have to reduce my hours to part-time so i can focus on my studies. My job is the typical 9-5 mon thru friday with weekends off and know flexability..... I have no healthcare experience at all, so i was thinking that i would go get my CNA certification over the summer before school starts and work on that part-time to gain experience and benefit from the flexiable schedule until i am done with school.

Now here is the question: I've been reading alot of good reviews for the Manhattan Institute, which i am looking into...8wks/ July 12 is the start date for a total of $1299...Alot of people is telling me that i should not pay all that money for this when alot of CNAs get certified and can't find a jobs and that i should not go towards that due to the enormous stress you encounter doing that job.

So should I go for the CNA and has anyone attended Manhattan Institute, how is their job placement or is this just a bad idea???? Please help!!!

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I'm an RN and I think cna is great experience but I wouldn't pay for the schooling. After your 1st semester of nursing school you'll be able to start working in the hospital as a nurse tech (or something similar). I had no prior healthcare experience before nursing school but after my first semester I started working as a tech in an icu which was awesome experience plus its at a higher skill level than cna. I made my own hours, could work as little or as much as I needed.


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A lot of nursing schools are starting to require you to get CNA certified as a prereq so I don't think you can go wrong by getting it. But the schools around here are in the $400-500 range. It may be more in your area, but I wouldn't pay $1299 if there are other options.

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I agree that CNA experience is great to get, however $1299 is way too much to pay, I believe that I paid around $700 through a community college. Look into some LTC they may have you go through their classes for free in exchange for working for them.

As others have said after your first semester you should be able to apply to test for your CNA or work as a nurse tech, check out the VA they offered somthing similar a student nurse intern that a few of my fellow class mates did

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If you need a job and the CNA is the only thing that you can find then go for it. Otherwise, I wouldn't bother. The experience you get as a CNA isn't anything that you won't pick up during nursing school clinicals - feeding, bathing, toileting, grooming.

I did it because we were required to but it was the biggest waste of both time and money, IMO.


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I would suggest holding out until you finish some nursing school. You're going to be learning those things in Nursing School so no need to pay for it twice.


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Thanks everyone for all the responses....It has really helped torwards my decision making; i will be holding out until I am done with the first semester and do the Nurse Tech.

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I think becoming a CNA before you enter nursing school is a good idea!

First off about the price: The price is a little high so I'd check around to see if there isn't a place that is cheaper.

Secondly, becoming a CNA is a good way to see if healthcare is a field you are interested in. I read a lot of threads on this site about how people enter nursing school & then discover they hate nursing. I just think its good exposure to the field...if you like it, great! Work as a CNA and go off to nursing school. But if you hate being a CNA, that's cool too. At least you experienced it & found out before you entered nursing school that its not for you.

Just think about it :) Good luck


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Not a good idea to get your CNA now, if you start nursing school in the fall. A lot of places hire nurse students after their first semester in nursing school.

Good luck in nursing school. :)


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As others have stated, if you're about to start nursing school in the fall you can wait.

$1299 is pretty steep, anyway. The community college where I am charges $532 for their CNA. The 'teaching hospital charges $900+. This is Texas, though. The RedCross offers classes, too.

Good luck.

Hey!!! is great idea become a CNA first if you are in Washington, DC is a great GREAT school and is free if tou are a DC resident is CARLOS ROSARIO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL the practicum is in one of the most important clinic in DC

Hey!!! is great idea become a CNA first if you are in Washington, DC is a great GREAT school and is free if tou are a DC resident is CARLOS ROSARIO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL the practicum is in one of the most important clinic in DC