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Is this a bad first nursing job?


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So im still in school but i work for a company that had group homes in Omaha and i currently work there as a medication aide. They start nurses out at around 28 an hour but the job as a nurse is very easy. Its not your typical nursing job. you wear street clothes or casual clothes and our nurses dont do much other than some paperwork here and there. There are no g tubes or tracheas in the house i work in, however its possible as a nurse working for this company you may be floated to a house that does have g tubes and tracheas. The Consumers that reside in the group home are disabled both mentally snd physically. Each house has only 6 residents. I have been with this company for over 5 years as a med aide and i am wondering would it be a bad idea to make this my first job out of school?

I ask because everyone i talk to has told me that you should almost always start in med surge or similar at a hospital to gain experience. My plan as of now is to eventually go for travel nursing (which i know requires a year or more hospital type experience) or to go masters for a nurse practitioner.

Any advice for best first jobs?

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That position will not prepare you for travel nursing.You would need 2-3 years of med- surg experience. A group home setting is where old nurse go to pasture, not new nurses starting out.

By the way, it's tracheostomy, not trachea. Everybody has a trachea, kinda like.... an opinion.

Good luck, go get your feet wet.

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...our nurses dont do much other than some paperwork here and there.

You might change your opinion about that after you actually become a nurse.

Don't assume the nurses aren't doing much. Appearances can be deceiving.

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To your point: Get some acute care experience if you want to travel. There aren't any travel jobs for group homes.


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I would get acute care experience, if possible. It is hard but it is worth it when you think of learning experiences.