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Hi everyone! I just thought I'd start the new State forums off with an introduction thread. Please feel free to reply to this thread if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to start a new topic if you wish to discuss other topics that are local or state related. Enjoy!

Hello everyone - from the middle of the US of A..


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Hi, I really like the idea of the dissussions by state. This is my last semester of pre-reqs and hopefully next spring I'll be taking the nursing courses.


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Hi everyone,

Kansan here too.

Cool idea.


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Arkansas here! And it's HOT here!


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I am from Central/ North Central Kansas. I work in ER.


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I was raised in Overland Park and my family still lives there. I wish I was home, but I am not ... please realize that all Midwest and all health care is not the same. Be proud of the progressive care offered in the KC area...once you lose it, one realizes how darned good it was!

I took my State Boards in 1982...yes the two day paper and pencil exam in Topeka. I am a graduate of Pittsburg State University and UMKC...and proud of both nursing programs. I am currently living in IN, but I am a faculty member at an IL university and I am so excited to start on Monday. Good luck to all of you students and if I may help you in any way, I will do so.


I know there are MANY more Kansans on this board.............


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Hello ya'll! I'm originally from SW Kansas and recently gave up a secure day job of 9 years to experience travel nursing ... so far so good! I'm in Gallup, New Mexico getting quite an education here ...

Am glad to have run across this forum!

Take care ...


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Ok Shamrock! I finally showed up. I've been busy lately. Both babies and I started back to school this last two weeks. It has been rough. Special ed preschool seems to be helping my little one. I'm excited.

I'm a few miles east of Lawrence. I'm a full time student, full time mom, and work PRN at a local LTC facility. I'm an LPN going back to get my ADN from the local community college, and kicking butt all the way there, because I should have kept going when I was younger rather then stopping at my LPN. Hugs to all!


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Hello, I'm an LPN now, working on my RN. I'm newly remarried and mother to 5. However we are interested in adopting more children. I'm a full-time student, and working part-time to full-time, depending on the need. My youngest child just entered pre-k and I'm excited about his new learning oppertunities. My husband is an over-the-road truck driver and works very hard to make sure things run smoothly. He has been very supportive while I have been in school. He's wonderful. We seem to be a family of truckers and nurses, as we are both following in the path of our ancestors. His father and several brothers, uncles, etc. are truckers and my grandmother, aunts, sister-in-law, stepmom, etc. are nurses. I never thought I would do any kind of nursing, but I got into it by accident, and I love it. I work mostly in gerontology, but my dream is to work in O.B./ Labor/Delivery. Hope I haven't bored you!


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Hi Angel,

Welcome to our little KS club. I'm going to be going to some conferences in Wichita at the end of this month. The conference is in association with KS Parents As Teachers group. I'm really excited about it. Congrats on picking such a rewarding carreer.


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