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Morning! I am just finishing up my first year as a school nurse and am trying to figure out ways to be more involved next year. This year has been more concentrated on figuring out the job and getting myself organized.

I have decided to introduce a Clinic Mascotm named Dudley. I drew a cute little cartoon dragon (our school mascot is a dragon). I would like to do a bulletin board with Dudley as the messenger. Thinking I may do a board once every 2-3 months. I wouls also like to do a monthly newsletter.

I am the district nurse so I service k-12 but will focus Dudley more with the 3-5 graders. The K-2 nurse uses Wuzzy.

Any ideas for bulletin board themes? Do any of you do a newsletter?:nurse:


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thats a cute idea..... this is my first year also, and i am just getting my bearings........ i also want to do a bulletin board, so any ideas would help me also! thx :)

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I do have a bulletin board across the hall from my clinic, but I only change it two or three times a year (it's an older locking one that is really difficult to use! The wall outside my clinic door is what I use to put up various stuff throughout the year. In October, I did a "Fall Into Good Habits" one with pumpkins and leaves, for Thanksgiving I did a cornucopia with different vegetables, then I listed various vitamins and minerals on little cut out leaves and listed what food they are found in. For Christmas, I did a Santa Claus with his list of good things to do, for February I did "Be Heart Smart" with various little facts about the human heart, and for March I did National Nutrition Month with the food pyramid and what you should eat of each food group daily.

I'm kinda at a loss for April. For May, I will probably do sun safety and summer activity safety.

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I do a "Fall into a Healthy School Year" for the beginning of the year with different healthy habits and falling leaves. Once I get tired of looking at that, I do a Handwashing one (usually coincides nicely with flu/cold season). Around Feb. I do a "Love your Heart" one with FAQ about the heart and heart healthy tips. Next, I am working on one based on the "Go, Slow, and Whoa foods" program (google it if you have not heard of it, very good program!). I will probably not have enough year left to change it again, but I would do a summer safety one if I had time. It has been a busy spring and my Feb one is still up, LOL!

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These are some great ideas. Thanks so much!! Glad to know that they sometimes stay up a little linger than planned too... I was afraid I wsa biting off moe than I could chew :clown:


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I try to put up a display in May the says something like "Who needs what in 2011" I give information about physicals, immunization and dental requirements for attending school in my state.

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Don't forget a sun safety one towards the end of the school year. I think the idea I "stole" from the internet was "slip,slap,slop" Slip on a shirt, slap on a hat, slop on some sunscreen. With older kids you can even provide info about tanning beds and pictures of skin cancer.

I'm in high school now, so I don't use slip,slap,slop but I do usually do something about tanning/sun safety before prom time because that is when I see the girls burning themselves to a crisp.