What do you do after work to unwind?

  1. Hey - I'm chirstine (yes, I realise it looks like a typo, there's not - only a story.....)

    I"ve been nursing for just over two years - mainly based in geriatric Assessment, Treatment and Rehab. I work mostly 2.30pm - 11pm shifts, and was just curious as to what other nurses to do unwind particularly at this time of the night when most other people are a bed, seeking the land of nod.

    Personally, I come home , hopefully by 11.30pm, put my iPod on and feed the cats outside - sneaking a society frowned upon nicotine fix at the time. Then I come back inside, pour a glass of at least decent sauvignon blanc (because, I rationalise to myself I deserve it!) and say hello to the internet - a great pal no matter what the time! It allows my brain enough breathing space to cope with the shift during background neural processing while doing something that takes the rest of my mind off it. A couple more glasses of wine and I'm ready for my PJs, my lovely new bed and, I fear to admit, a Reader's Digest! (it's my secret delight!) Over this period of time (usually an hour and a half) I have thought about my shift and decompressed enough to be able to get into bed without fear that I will lie awake until 3am. I am pleased to have discovered allnurses and others points of view on various matters - thanks for listening and think you may well see me around a little more - and let us know what you do to unwind from work ( a little more kudos to the shiftworker, eh!)

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  3. by   prmenrs
    I get on the computer, too. Sometimes, I call my sister or somebody else. I check the mail, play w/the cat, get a load of laundry done, give my son a hug, find out what he's been up to (and into), shop on Amazon, play POGO for a while, then I go to bed and read til sleepy.

    I work 12hr days. If I worked nights, I would go directly to bed.
  4. by   Loray
    NSW (New South Wales Nurses Board )have a interesting download about stress management for nurses. I am interest to here about your 12hr shift and how it works for you and where you work.:smiley_aa

    Cheers Loray
  5. by   bluetack
    Computer for me too if I can safely be quiet enough not to wake everyone else in my house. Else, watch some tv, usually programs I have recorded whilst I'm at work, cup of tea and hopefully bed soonish after. I tend to work majority of late shifts, getting home about midnight.
  6. by   milkyoz
    I too relax on the computer playing games on pogo, have since it started it has to be one of the best game sites going, not that i`m bias or anything
  7. by   spiceyqueen
    when i do arvo shifts, ending at 10pm,Computer, a glass of wine,and if am not overly tired and feeling adventurous, i hit the town ( mostly fridays, if am off saturday). read a book, have bath, blast some music, but in winter i just sleep.....
  8. by   danissa
    Walk the dog, through quiet fields, watch the sunset, ( or rise!), take the kids to school if its am, have a glass or two of Aussie Chardonnay...(.am or pm,) stick a wash on while listening to some tunes..then...sleep! after around 2-3 hours though!
    Revived for days off!
    If its the weekend and work is over...then glad rags on and Dancin is the best revival! even at my grand old age!!!!

    Oh, and with the glass of vino...All nurses to unwind!
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  9. by   rn/writer
    Dh and I both work third shift. We like to come home, make a nice breakfast, and eat it while watching something mindless from the DVR. After that, we both go to our separate computers and check in with our favorite websites. Then it's off to la-la land about 10 AM. Works well except when we have appointments or something else that breaks this nice rhythm.
  10. by   rhenmag9
    i work 12 hrs. a day 3 days a week...4 days will be devoted to my sacred relaxation......watching tv,playing computer games,listening to music and sleep....eat..eat......
  11. by   nyapa
    Talk to hubby, spoil my dogs and cat, crash on the couch for an hour, and get on the puter! And if I'm really worried about something, nothing works until I get to work the next day.
  12. by   llg
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  13. by   XB9S
    I ride my motorbike home from work and climb in the beautiful welsh mountains on the weekends.
  14. by   nyapa
    I'm not good at that. I either earbash my husband who is a retired nurse (maintaining confidentiality of course) until he is as stressed as I am, or I sit on the couch and wake up an hour later. I have been walking home lately and that helps though, because I have found a lovely place to walk through with a creek.