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  1. The post about what santa brought for xmas got me thinking. With nursing in the UK being fairly stressful I wondered what you all do to relax.

    I have my motorbike which I love, when I ride I have to concentrate very hard on how I ride and awarness of other traffic, road conditions, weather that I don't really think about anything else. All stressess from work get put into perspective and I love nothing better to go for a blast around the mountains.

    I also mountaineer and climb when I get time.

    So what do you do to relax and wind down
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  3. by   cariad
    i love shopping, and i especially like to shop for bargains.
    its an achievement to go into a shop spend $29;00 and be told that we saved $30;00 !!!!!
    just been shopping for next xmas now, we have bought a lovely 10 foot tree for our new house half price and lots more to go with it.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    since loosing weight I love to go walking more with hubby and my 3 dogs. I also go onto pogo.com a lot and play games. At the moment it is busy trying to find a house to rent and then wait for a visa to become available
  5. by   RGN1
    I go to karate - if I'm really lucky with how my shifts work out I can make 5 classes a week! Usually it's more like 3 though. The club has a class somewhere in my vacinity every night of the week or during the day at weekends.

    The whole family goes & it's the only place you can legally throw a punch or kick at your kids!! Hehehe!! HOW cathartic is that!

    Of course it's usually the latest doc/patient/realtive(s) of patient(s) that have crossed my path that I imagine I'm hitting!!
  6. by   madwife2002
    I just love being with my family and watching movies. I never watched TV or films until I moved here, so I have years to catch up on and am doing!!!!
    Tonight I am having xmas pudding in bed-a pt gave me one to eat today I sang with excietment
  7. by   english_nurse
    good thread!!
    we have something in common, which i have just spoken about on the other thread motorbikes!
    i dont ride (too large lol) but as a family we watch the british superbikes both on tv and at the tracks
    last year we had a great weekend at oulton park and met loads of the riders which i thought was fab
    this year we plan to do the same and maybe get to see the british leg of the moto GP and watch Rossi ride ((swoon)).
    spend too much time on here too, makes me wonder if some of my stress release is on here
    i enjoy updating my msn space quite alot its become a bit of a long term diary thing which i find helps me to clear my head sometimes
    forgot to say that now i have my Wii i will probably use that for a bit of stress release theres a cool boxing game on there
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