USA or OZ? need help aahhh!!!

  1. hi all, i am a 28 yr old male neonatal nurse in Lincoln, uk. Due to going through a divorce (ongoing!) i now have the chance to work and live abroad! my question is which country would offer the best quality of life etc for a neonatal nurse!!!??? if anyone has any views i would love to hear them... cheers, leox
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  3. by   fergus51
    Depends on what you are looking for. I think the US in certain places is absolutely amazing, and the same can be said for Australia I am sure. The nice thing in the US is that you could probably take some travel nurse assignments which would allow you to see different parts of the country for a few months at a time and make some very nice money. I don't know if Australia offers this type of thing or not.
  4. by   kzippi
    Hi there,

    I'm also from Lincoln, but in Mental health. I'm currently in the process of emigration to Aussie. I know this doesn't help you in making a decision, but I do know alot about the process of getting to Oz.
    Happy decision making!!
  5. by   gwenith
    I am just a tad prejudiced in favour of Australia but it very mush depends on the sort of lifestyle you are looking for, and incidentally how pale you are.

    Q- What do you call an Englishman after ten minutes in the Australian sun?
    A - Deep fried Pommie
  6. by   caroladybelle
    Pay rates are probably higher in US but possibly so is cost of living, however as a traveler, some of the COL is absorbed by company.

    Check out the taxation issues.

    Also, do you have a child? To travel with you or stay with your spouse? And are you going to be paying allimony?

    NICU could probably travel anywhere (except Florida, and even a bit there) in the USA, including Hawaii. But some places require one to pass the NCLEX (licensing exam)

    For info on travelling, try Delphi Forums. Many of us hang out there and gossip about locales, companies, and experiences.
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  7. by   Leofric
    hi again! interesting posts... as an update i have pretty much decided on OZ for now at least! this is partly because it is a lot quicker than USA and also easier ( no exams!). i am currently considering a position in melborne in NICU ... any one know if thats a good place to live?
    i dont have any kids and am getting rid of most of my "stuff" so as to be freeand unencumbered
    its scary the thought of not knowing anyone at all but hopefully i will make friends easily enough! may even ask on this website if anyone wants to have a beer with a pommie nurse new in town!!!? thats if i get the job of course! i take it weather in melbourne is better than at home!!!
  8. by   ceridwyn
    Gidday, I live near Melbourne, have travelled are fair bit of the world and Melbourne is my mostest favourite place in the world.

    The hospitals are suppose to be some of the best in the world for neonates and paeds.

    On the cultural side Melbourne is a bit more europe more so than the other Australian cities. Have a few english type pubs and we all adore Australian football. Nothing else is spoken about in winter. Hope you enjoy! seeya later C

    Hint: pronounced Melbin not Melborn.
  9. by   Grace Oz
    You'll LOVE Australia! So, in advance.....
    G'day & WELCOME!
    Yes, you can join an agency & get to travel to different places. All depends on which agency you choose to join. Might pay to obtain a job in a hospital first, feel your way, get to know a few people, familiarise yourself with the area etc.
    Keep posting here & I'm sure you'll make some connections even before you arrive & so won't feel so alone. Someone is bound to offer to link up with you & reach out the hand of friendship. I'd hope so anyway! Being good Aussies 'n' all! :-)
    Best Wishes....
  10. by   bulletproofbarb
    All I can say is that you have made the right decision to come to Australia, and yes, Melbourne is lovely. I have been there a number of times.

    I'm off to UK in 12 months.
  11. by   Whisper
    Working in Melbourne is supposed to be great, let us know how you find it Leofric, I have family out there, who have said I am welcome to stay with them, for while if i want to work in Oz for a bit... need to actually finish my training first and get some experinence, but the idea is on the back burner.

    If I can not get over there to work, I hope to at least manage a holiday!

  12. by   NursingUSA
    In order to practice in the US, you will need to take and pass the NCLEX with any state board of nursing. Though the opportunities are large here in the US and we have a great deal of demand for nurses and beautiful places to see!! Being that I am from the US, I would love to go to Australia, but if you haven't had an opportunity to see the US, you're missin out!!
  13. by   mother/babyRN
    Cheesh, I wish I could come too! Sounds wonderful...Sigh....Good luck to you wherever you go! Send me some Australian air....Maybe I will eventually get to that part of the woods!
  14. by   bungies
    Originally posted by Leofric
    i am currently considering a position in melborne in NICU ... any one know if thats a good place to live?
    anyone wants to have a beer with a pommie nurse new in town!!!? thats if i get the job of course! i take it weather in melbourne is better than at home!!!
    Absolutely - and that goes for the beer and the weather! It's a brave step to let go of everything and trying something new.

    Melbourne is an incredibly liveable city - as Ceridwyn said, Melbourne is a tad more Europe than most Aussie cities - incredibly multicultural, in fact. You can get literally any type of cuisine (was that North or South Ethiopian food you were after? I kid you not...)

    Weather is generally pleasant. Winter is mild (particularly compared to UK) but summer can be a bit of a shock. Best to get yourself a place with air-conditioning to get through the first summer; 35 degrees is relatively normal for mid-January but it goes 40 and over sometimes. You will cope. Spring and Autumn... well, let me say that if you don't like a Melbourne Spring, just wait an hour... it'll change. But if you don't like a Melbourne Autumn, there's no pleasing you.

    Beer is a national pastime, though Melbourne likes to think it's a bit more cultured than some of our neighbours. Our local beer is fabulous, but you can get almost any beer in almost any pub. We're kind of proud of that. (Pathetic, isn't it?)

    I've heard it said that at an Aussie BBQ you can discuss sex, religion and politics with complete impunity; just don't start on sport.

    Football is Aussie Rules. No exceptions. Soccer is soccer, rugby is rugby (League rather than Union, though that's another source for argument). If you don't understand it, that's OK, as long as you don't belittle it. (I can't stand it myself, but I hide it well.) Don't barrack for Collingwood unless you already follow Manchester United. It's a similar passion/stigma.

    Cricket - you're relatively safe here at the moment if you like cricket. If the UK team ever get around to playing well, hide. (nah, we wouldn't really hurt you...)

    NICU - apparently our NICUs are very good - a friend of mine cycled through several in her agency days, and was impressed. I don't know first hand about that side of life - I'm community palliative myself (roughly equivalent to a McMillan nurse).

    And don't worry - you'll get the job. We're as desperate for good nurses as everyone else is.