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We now know that retrogression has started for EX Visas (Schedule A) and that lobbying is taking place with the hope that bills will be passed into laws in November 2006 and if not then in March or... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    I understand it as each country is allocated x amount of visas and the UK does not use all is allocatio unlike some of the other counries therefore things move a bit faster for us. They probably wouldn't be able to show every country so therefore we are allocated with the rest. Things during last years retrogression for UK nurses did move quickly
  2. by   Nefertiti
    I regularly read the threads and greatly thankful for all the guidance. I have one quick question.
    I came to US on a dependent visa. My i-140 and i-485 was applied concurrently on May 07, 2006. I paid $12000 for an agency for this with promise that I don't really need to work for the agency, $12000 being a compensation for the agency.
    I got an offer from a hospital here and have started working with them. Meanwhile my i-140 got approved on Oct 20, 2006. My i-485 got stuck because of the retrogression.
    Is my arrangement with the agency legal? I am worried I may have issues during my i-485 interview when they see that I don't work for the agency. My new employer may be ready to do green card processing. Should I try to change the USCIS documents to reflect my actual employer? Is it possible to change the employer at USCIS?
  3. by   ann h
    Quote from adelebucky72
    I agree with you completely! I have been completely confused with the whole situation (which I admit doesn't take much at the moment!) but this whole retrogression talk has put me in utter turmoil!
    So.......if what Suzanne is saying is right, and it usually is, I shouldnt have a great wait for my interview, just the standard wait time? Oh, Suzanne, u have made my day!!!! I am keeping my fingers (and toes!) crossed!
    I am keeping everything crossed aswell.:spin:
    Thanks for all the advice.
  4. by   adelebucky72
    You are welcome Ann, we will get thru this together!
  5. by   arys1075
    In addition, some of my friends received packet 4 only to make papers ready but there's no instruction to proceed for medical and interviews yet. I was also told that some appointed medical practitioners stopped scheduling medicals for the reason of retrogression. I don't know knightbridge in London.
  6. by   Hi_r_ed as RN
    What is the DS-230?
  7. by   english_nurse
    it is the biographical data sheets, with the personal information about you on that you send to the NVC
  8. by   wayne_s2k
    hi suzanne4

    im a nurse here in the PHIL. i have a PD dated April 04 2003. I have a interview schedule last july 2005 but unabled to be interviewed since my prevoius employer cancelled my processing coz i have no visa screen yet at that time. Plus the retrogression started Jan 2005. I signed for another employer who filed me to USCIS last Sept 27 2006. As of now im NCLEX passer and have a visa screen certificate already. Last first week of November i recieve a letter from US Embassy stating that my status has been expired( my interview scheduled with my prevoius petetioner).
    Can i use the PD of my prevoius employer? DO i need to repeat all stages again? Does my case number before has no relevance at all with my present status? My agency said that i may bypass the pocket 2 and 3 since i have a PD and case number long ago. Wud u agree? Am i affected with present retrogression?