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  1. arys1075

    Medicine error

    Well, I can not tell the drugs, for the privacy of the involved staff.
  2. arys1075

    Medicine error

    Hi, There was a nurse working in operating room. The surgeon ordered a certain medicine to the scrub tech. The scrub tech asked the circulating nurse to get it for him. The circulating nurse gave the medicine without clarifying the order to the surgeon but showed it and clarify it to the scrub tech. The scrub tech gave the medicine to the surgeon without label. The surgeon injected the medicine without clarifying it to the circulating nurse. The patient reacted to the medicine, The patient had PVC, hypertension, and tachycardia. It was the time the surgeon asked the circulating nurse what is the medicine? In this incident the nurse failed to communicate with surgeon. Do you think only the ciculating nurse is the one to be blame in incident like this? Is it a ground for termination or disciple or suspension? Is there anybody who had a experienced like this? If you are the manager of this nurse will you terminate the nurse?
  3. arys1075

    Nursing in the UAE

    That was almost 17 years ago when I started to work in Dubai. I also worked in England and now currently working here in USA... What do you mean, are you planning to move to Dubai? Dubai needs experienced nurses, he/she must be board passer to country of origin. There's no board exam going to Dubai. Once you are licensed, you can apply on line through UAE websites. I mentioned previously the websites for hospitals there in Dubai.
  4. arys1075

    Nursing in the UAE

    You need experience my dear at least a year. Just inquire to any hiring hospital that you know there in Manila.
  5. arys1075

    Nursing in the UAE

    Hi, during my time wayback 1992-2003, we used to receive monthly salary of 5000 dirhams (just divide in 3.68 to get USD), I have also housing allowance, transport and food allowance too. I dont know nowadays the rate, perhaps Dh6000 or more... About Arabic language, it's a must but not preferred, you must learn few basics bacause most of the local ladies couldn't speak English well... About the systems, they have lots of facilities from UK and US too, each area has its own unique methods of nursing technique. There are 2 govt systems there, one is DOH or dept of health and the other one is MH ministry of health, aside from any private hospitals. Websites below might help you: http://www.indexuae.com/Top/Health/Hospitals
  6. arys1075

    Nursing in the UAE

    I've been in Dubai for 14 yrs as an O.R. nurse. Im currently working here in US too like you. It depends now where do you think you'll be happy. Family wise, for me, it's better here and UK, Can, Aus. Leisure wise I prefer Dubai... If you are US passport holder, your rate is much better and higher. Hospitals there are much cleaner and wider than here. You're also required to take few hours of arabic speaking lesson. You will also get familiarized with their systems. If you need some more advice, feel free to email me.
  7. arys1075

    Miami Baptist Hospital pay rate

    Million thanks for advice... A lot of friends tell me that too... I must be very careful in my decisions taking consideration about the cost of living. :typing :uhoh21:
  8. arys1075

    Miami Baptist Hospital pay rate

    Sounds good to me. Here in Arizona, that's the rate I get too. I don't know what is the cost of living there in Miami. 2-bed apt here costs about $650/mo. Hope I can get advice from you guys. :typing
  9. arys1075

    Miami Baptist Hospital pay rate

    Is there anybody here know the rate per hour of an ICU nurse? My friend has 14 yrs experience as nurse and she wishes to apply in that hospital. :typing
  10. I believe there's still SHORTAGE of nurses in Bay, S.F. and Sacto. I just recently got a job there in NorCal with better hourly rate and full benefits. It also depends which area in the hospital you're applying for, also depends on your years of experience. Nothing will lose if you throw your application form or go to hospital's website for on-line application. There's plenty of hospitals there in North California, one thing I like they are unionized which you can't find in other places. :lol2:
  11. arys1075

    North and South California

    You have a wonderful move from DC to NorCal. Im still looking for a place in NorCal which is better for the whole family.
  12. arys1075

    CHW- Mercy General Hospital

    Anybody here who worked in Mercy General Hospital?... How is the condition of work there? How about the starting rate they offer per hour for an experienced nurse? :uhoh21:
  13. arys1075

    Hospital reputation in North Calif

    That's what I heard about Kaiser. They have better pay rate, benefits, incentives. Some of my batch who just recently left for Kaiser have positive issues about KP regardless of cost of living in Bay area. The whole family is just curious about living in NorCal and we plan to move if ever I get the right hospital & right place to live in. Can i PM you?
  14. arys1075

    staff pay rates in the bay area?

    Great informations turbohound, I really appreciate it... Thanks a lot!
  15. arys1075

    Contra Costa SNF

    I heard that Contra Costa is a nice county somewhere in East Bay area. Which hospital or nursing home are you planning to work? There is no 1:30 patient ratio here in any hospital in USA. Average ratio is about 1:5. In SoCal, $30.5/hr is acceptable but not in Bay area. I also plan to move in Bay area but I carefully study & observe first the lifestyles & workplaces over there.
  16. arys1075

    lookin to work in the bay area

    Im also looking for opportunity there in Bay area but outskirts of SF. Im also working here in AZ and average rate per hour here is about $25-35 depending on yrs of experience. Cost of living is not too much high.