RCN accepts pay deal

  1. Have you all seen this? I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it! Any comments?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    could say something but would get into trouble

    As usual been let down and thrown to the wolves. If they listened to the members they should have done more
  4. by   cheshirecat
    Hey girls and boys, let down by the RCN again. Can almost see the puppet strings when I see RCN congress on the television.

    The sad thing is, I do not even feel surprised they accepted it. Lets hope RCN officers do not vote themselves a big pay rise this year!!
  5. by   nightmare
    Yet another cop out! Let's see what they come up with next year.:angryfire
  6. by   madwife2002
    I read that the other day and thought that UK nurses would not be happy
  7. by   UKPedsRN
    I am amazed that an organisation that I pay more than 15 a month to, does not listen to what I have to say.
    I could have almost garenteed this result, when i received the survey last week, from the Nursing Times. It was evident to me and my co workers when I read out the survey questions what they planned to do.

    Again I have to ask where is the profession going to when our OWN organisations can not stand up and support us.

    I am going to cancel my subscription - lets face it most of us are members just for the indemnity insurance. I shall try and find mine elsewhere.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    I left them way back in 88-89 when the then new grading came out and received no support and felt they wasn't bothered with me as I was a EN and not RGN. If all the members leave I am sure it will make them sit up but whether it will happen is another matter
  9. by   UKPedsRN
    Given the NT survey I think they thought that many people would leave the RCN if they didnt follow through.

    I hope more people do cancel their subscription - although all the RCN would do is to open the doors to other healthcare workers - which in fact they have already started to do.

    I just feel that as nurses we are continually let down by the very organizations that are supposed to support us and help advance our profession.
  10. by   karenG
    I lost faith in the RCN years ago.. I am in it purely so I remain a member of the nurse pracitioner forum. I am also in the MDU.

    they have failed to sort out the mess of advanced practice.. the NMC have the register ready to implement but so far nothing has happened- waiting for privy council approval was the last I heard. The RCN sit on their collective hands...

    and last year when they threatened to sell off cavendish square (something to do with a problem with pensions for the people who work for the RCN)....... its our headquaters and was gifted to us... they cannot sell it without asking us what we think!!

    I hoped the change of secretary would see a change in how the RCN works and just maybe see more support for us actually doing the work..... should have known better!!

  11. by   UKPedsRN
    Well it appears to me that the RCN is now in bed with the government, plainly and simply. How they can sit back and ignore the fact that nurses in the UK apart from England are now receiving the full settlement is BEYOND me.

    What annoys me about the RCN and the NMC is that I have not seen how they have helped our profession advance.

    I worked in the US for many many years and the level of the profession over there is far advanced than here in the UK. I want to know why this is so...I have my suspicons, but somehow we professionals need to push ahead, and do something.

    I never really had time for any union, using the RCN for legal and indemity insurance. But we nurses need to join forces, stand up and be heard, not just for the advancement of our profession, but for the good of our patients. If unions and our governing bodies can't do it for us, we have to - how is the question!
  12. by   RGN1
    Well I'm not surprised either. They rely on the apathy of nurses to keep treading us down & that's what they generally get! I wish I could say one day that'll change but I don't think it will & while it doesn't they & the govt. will carry on doing just as they please.

    Of course they'll vote themselves a nice hefty payrise - look at what the MP's gave themsleves!!!
  13. by   UKPedsRN
    So how do we not so apathtic nurses garner the rest to stand and make ourselves heard.

    I have been a nurse for more than 22 years and it saddens me when I see the direction this profession is going.
    Speaking to my friends who are in positions of authority or lecturers or even nurses I interview, they are all saying the same thing as me. So how come we can not make ourselves heard?
  14. by   RGN1
    Because we're so darn busy or exhausted we can't find the time to do anything about it!!

    Also while there's a job freeze & more nurses than jobs (& note I say jobs not needed) it's their market! They have us by the short & curlies because if we don't want our job someone else will!