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  1. Hello everyone. I want to take up nursing and I have a couple of questions. I have this big and ugly scar that I'm hiding in my body and I don't want anyone to see it. If I take up nursing, do I have to get naked with my classmates like when studying anatomy or something like that? Do we have to get naked at least at some point during the 4 year duration of the course? I'd really like to be a nurse or maybe even a doctor. Thanks everyone.
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  3. by   kathykaye
    during our swimming class lol!

    dont be bothered with that scar.. as long as you can render safe patient care.. and your heart is into it... that's it!
  4. by   kathykaye
    and during our bed bath lesson.. we had return!
  5. by   miguelj
    I just saw this thread and I got scared:
    I currently have two schools in mind- UERM or FEU. Is there anyone from these schools? Do we have to disrobe in front of the class or our classmates and do some physical examination on each other?
  6. by   RNHawaii34
    Quote from miguelj
    i just saw this thread and i got scared:
    i currently have two schools in mind- uerm or feu. is there anyone from these schools? do we have to disrobe in front of the class or our classmates and do some physical examination on each other?
    i don't remember disrobing during my time in nursing school...that will be like an invasion of privacy isn't? unless you will volunteer to become the "dummy" specimen for your anatomy class, then you have to disrobe..i would not worry about it. i have classmates who have physical flaws, but able to graduate in nursing school without any problems. goodluck to you.
  7. by   sunneeRN
    I went to a bigger university and in nursing school, during our foundations of nursing labs, we did have to remove our shirts but it was only with one other person (the person doing the assessment) and an instructor watching. and of course, we wore bras so it was like being in a bathing suit. we never removed pants. to be honest, i cant remember whether it was for heart and lung sounds or what, but i do remember that we had to do it twice...once for when we were working on those particular areas and once for the head to toe exam. we had to be paired with a member of the same sex as well. i'm sure, though, that if someone had been opposed to removing their shirt, they would have not given them any problems. hope that helped!
  8. by   corpuscles
    well, based on my experience, i never had to take off any of my clothing while studying anaphys. but there was a time when i had to disrobe because of my return demo in bedbath. thats one of the return demos that you have to do in health care 1 rle.

    uhm, you dont have to be naked.. the instructors would let you leave your underwears on.
  9. by   corpuscles
    ^^oh and besides, you''ll wear a robe while your partner bedbaths you.
  10. by   czarina
    in madocs, we did disrobe a bit for the bedbath demos. but we had underwear on and only the CI and the partner was there. At Las Pinas College, where I transferred later on, my classmates said they just had to take their shirts off. where's your scar anyway? lol
  11. by   miguelj
    I have that scar around the stomach area I went to an all boys school back in highschool and they made fun of me for a year because of that:angryfire
  12. by   suzanne4
    There is absolutely nothing to worry about.
  13. by   vernice__13
    as far as i can remember, the closest we ever had to "getting naked" and "disrobing ourselves" was during our return demo in dorsogluteal injections, wherein we had to expose one-fourth of one of our butt cheeks..haha! it was particularly embarrassing when it was my turn to "get shot" because 4 of my classmates were having their handbooks signed by the instructor inside the room... and they were staring at my "partially-exposed" butt the whole time! But it's don't have to worry because ideally, you, your partner and the instructor should be the only one in the room. i was just unlucky during that time. just remember that in every nursing procedure that you will perform, one of the "mainstay" steps is to always provide privacy.. and that's what you will be doing to each other in school. hope you'll pursue nursing... good luck!!!:typing
  14. by   mattiya1326
    haha. dont worry about the scar. i never experience removing my clothes in any of my subject. in PE subject i guess