International Nurses: how long did it take CGFNS to evaluate your credentials?

  1. I mean CES, not the VisaScreen process. It would be interesting to get some real-life statistics on that.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from Nuieve
    I mean CES, not the VisaScreen process. It would be interesting to get some real-life statistics on that.
    mine took nearly 12 months and numerous phone calls. That was in 2003/4
  4. by   bettyboop
    My CES report took 8 months that was 2002/3 although i believe it was delayed because my nursing university took so long to reply.
  5. by   letina
    3 months for me, I submitted my application November 2004 and got my CES report in February 2005. Have to say though, I called them (CGFNS) at least once a week to keep on top of everything.
  6. by   precy
    Mine was last march 2006. It took 3 weeks, that is after CES had all the required documents that they asked for.
  7. by   ninaz
    Hi guys,

    May I ask what states did you apply for? Thank you.
  8. by   suzanne4
    The issue is not how long that CGFNS takes, but how long that your schools take to get the information to them. That is usually where the hold up occurs.
  9. by   ED-Adrenaline
    It depends where are you from (which country) and if they are familiar with the eduactional system from that Country. Speaking for my case...hmmm...they did not know where my country is on the map(did they have a proper geography class) they kept sending my mails in Russia...than Yugoslavia...and of course I never got any mail...until I personaly show up in sort out my file...than the night mare continued...after I left the office with overal...tons of international calls, faxes, emailing, personal visits...until one day I said..."I am not moving from here until I have all papers in front of me"...than it was done in no time! many frustrated Nurses are there everyday...
    Estimated time that I lost with CGFNS is 5 years...before I was able to take the exam...nice huh?
    So just pray that your country is well known and stay on the top of the things,call them ,do some nagging...and pushing to work...their job:deadhorse"
    Ok...I cant continue because my frustrating memories are taking over me... :uhoh21:
  10. by   rsmit02
    I was in the uk and had cgfns for NJ done and it too well over 9 months and 5 of those were AFTER all my documents had been submitted, they said when I rang they were busy kept telling case was ready for review and it would be assigned to someone, never was.

    The only way I got it done was to call EVERY week, take 1 persons name and speak to them, I asked for a supervisor/manager in the end and also asked to be out throught the their Quality Assurance team that was what got things moving in the end as soon as they got involved I had the report inmy hand within 2 weeks!!!!!

    My best advice get on the phone often, and as soon as your documents are submitted keep on at them to assign your case to a reviewer. Their service is expensive and shocking there should be an alternative company that can also do this so cgfns get their act together because people start going to the competition.

    Good luck!!!

    Ruth x
  11. by   marilag16
    I think my CES report was issued in 1 & 1/2 months. It just took a couple weeks more to get to the Philippines coz CG sends it by snail mail.
  12. by   ED-Adrenaline
    My CES report cost me three personal visits to Philly office and 2 month stay in Philly on my expense, many phone calls and promises...just to get the paper with wrong Contry on it...I gave up after that.
    I have my CES but I have to PAY FEES to get that mistake corrected...just a disaster.
    I made my othe Credential report with WES (World education service)and was done in a week and express mailed+ 3 originals in sealed envelopes . Very profesional!
  13. by   precious33
    My CVS took 7 months and lots of long distance telephone calls.
    Presently it seems as if my VisaScreen Certificate is going to take another 7 ridiculous months.A fews weeks ago my status said ready for review ,now it is waiting on required information .
    I cantacted them and was told my license need to be current and active.My current license for St Vincent expires in 2008 .My license for New York expires 2009.NYSED submitted the info to them 8 days ago ,but it will take another few months for the General Nursing Council in St Vincent to resubmit .This is ridiculous! The GNC in St Vincent increased license fees for all nursing category by 100%.
    Validation fee, to fill one form is also increase from $45 to $100!!.
    They don,t know the stress people are in ,try to contact the GNC to follow up the progress for the pass weeks and everyday is some vague or unprofessional excuse :Sister on sickleave ,they had to contact school for graduation dates,they will call back and blah blah blah.
    These people are so unprofessional .Office door said open 8-4 DAILY yet you will wait all day and the secretary shopping in town.
  14. by   suzanne4
    CVS is very different from the CES and has very different requirements.

    For the CVS, CGFNS must request the documents and they are unable to accept and use any that were requested by the nurse. That is per a requirement of the NY BON, not CGFNS. They are performing the service under contract to NY.

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