Hello there

  1. Just thought id introduce myself.
    Im a 31 yr old male wanting to get into nursing.
    As i have no Qualifications im enrolling into college to do an access course in nursing that will allow me to then go to Uni and do a Diploma in nursing. At the end of this im hoping to become a paediatric nurse.
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  3. by   karenG
    welcome.............and good luck!! This is a great place to be!

  4. by   Whisper
    Hello, and welcome to the boards Be careful discovering this site and studying though, this site is seriously addictive!
  5. by   Spaniel gal

    more the merrier for us!!
  6. by   gwenith
    Welcome! I agree withthe above - this site is seriously addictive.
  7. by   sarah rgn
    Hi there. I'm a newbie too. Hope you have fun here.
  8. by   suehp
    I am also a newbie and agree that this site is addictive!!!

  9. by   mageean
    The Brit contingent is getting bigger! Welcome aboard and good luck in your endeavours.
  10. by   lisamct
    Good to see another Brit ccoming on board.
  11. by   chrisrob
    Hi and welcome good luck with collage
  12. by   Janey
    Welcome Dappa

    Good Luck in your efforts. This is exactly the route I took in 1995, and have been qualified almost 4 years. If I can be of any help, feel free to pm me