1. As a brand new newbie just posting to say hello to everyone
    I'm an extremely mature (but only in the numerical sense!) student - doing LD and social work.
    I may well be posting pathetic cries of 'help!' now and again - round about next Thursday these may become audible in the Far East since the next day is submission deadline for placement work
    look forward to getting to know you.........

    love to all
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  3. by   suehp
    Hello and Welcome,

    Nice to see a new face!!

    this is a great board - so I am sure you will find loads of support and help here!

  4. by   karenG
    welcome......pull up a chair!

  5. by   Shamrock
    Welcome aboard!!
  6. by   chrisrob
    :kiss hello
  7. by   gwenith
    Welcome aboard - PS do NOT read the thread about addiction to Bulletin baords - it is not true ----- well, not all of the time anyway!
  8. by   lisamct
    Welcome aboard, Im a LD nurse as well, Im usually more of a lurker than a poster but you can shout in my direction and I'll help you if I can
  9. by   sarah rgn
    Hi there and welcome.
  10. by   ohioln
    Welcome to the board.
  11. by   Whisper
    Hello, and welcome
  12. by   cathy949
    Hi there. Welcome aboard.
  13. by   Janey
    Hi Stella and Welcome

    You'll find this board a valuable source of support and information. Good Luck in you studies, from another ex (aged) student.
  14. by   Mister Chris
    Hello! I'm a bit new too. (old - over 60yrs but new!) Just joined this lot for a practice on my very first computer on line!
    It is great. Welcome to you and thank you for letting me in!!