1. Accreditation

    This time 2 weeks - we will be in the middle of 4 days of Accreditation ----- Both the Hostel ands the Nursing Home are being accredited one after the other - (Thank God l no longer do the QA bit - the Education Coordinators bad enough)
    I hate the way that accreditation makes you feel so under the microscope - the way it makes me feels that the documentation is so much more important than the people we are there for - the residents - then when its all over - after all the mounds of paper work - and stress your left with the feeling of 'is that all there is "- (I love that song - BTW)

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  3. by   renerian
    I understand completely. I have a survery coming up sometime in the near future. I work out of my home but as a "branch" I am held to the same regs as the parent.

  4. by   m_lou
    I know exactly what you mean. Last Agency visit we had - the last thing they were concerned about was the resi's - which by the way were all happy and content and told the auditors exactly that - but no lets just take 2 days (8am - 6.30-7pm) to look at paper work. Unfortunately we have another visit in 3 days - back under the microscope once again - you feel lower than a bacterium on an agar plate - seems to me that it doesn't matter what you do they shift the goal posts - (then call it Cont. QI). Good to know someone else out there feels the same. Have you got any thoughts on the "support" visits. I always feel we must be looking at totally different dictionaries to get the definition of "support".
  5. by   renerian
    Tookie how did your survey go? I am still waiting for mine.

  6. by   Aussienurse2
    I'll have to send you the pair that did the rounds at a hostel I used to work at. They found it acceptable that one person could manage to do thirty odd supervised/partial assist/full asst showers between six-thirty and eight. Oh and escort them to the dining room too. I'm good, but nobody's THAT good!!

    One has to wonder how much attention they pay to the paper work and whether they cross reference it to the roster sheets.
  7. by   Tookie

    Well we survived the accreditation process. Actually this time it was not as painful as it has been in the past - It was still and long 4 days - I get anxious during this time it seems - Anyway both the Hostel and Nursing Home passed and we had no recommendations which was really good - but of course that doesn't mean that we stop - the whole process has to keep going on.

    It was funny the accreditor who talked to me - put me at ease quite well in as much as when he sat down with me and said that l was the first hobbit he had met - So after we talked about the Lord of the rings and such we then got down to business and he ended up backing away after l had inundated him with information to support what we are doing in the education area etc .- saying that my systems were good and in the review l commented that l hadn't shown him a couple of other things related to my work.- But overall it was a much better experience than the previous few.

    So we did survive and the organization had drinks for us as well as put on a BBQ for all the organization and their families (I wasn't able to go as we were away then)
    Thought l might pop in a photo of us being happy it's over.
  8. by   gwenith
    It always amazes me what the accreditation peole miss. They just accredited a hospital i was working at where thre were NO and I erpeat NO nursing care plans for ICU patients! Everything was on the computer but it did not have care plans so issues such as where to place the support pillows for patients with spinal fractures was passed word of mouth. An acute 50% burns patient (ventilated) only had one nursing note entry every 48 hours in his written notes. I was unable to contact ACHS personnell when they were there (I was trying to redress problems through the administration) and found I could not approach them after they had left. I never did get things improved as the ADON told me that "A policy does not have to be written down to be a policy" Decided to quit 2 seconds after hearing that statement!

    Still bugs me as this is a tertiary referral centre and all those patients are getting less than ideal care and the nurses who work there (mostly new grads) are being taught the wrong things.
  9. by   Scavenger'sWife
    I feel your pain....

    We are right in the middle of JCAHO *and* State showed up, too! I took today off...Mental Health Day. (Actually we are slow today & I am new in my dept. = I "get" today off.) Actually we are doing fine so far.....
  10. by   Pfiesty
    When the surveyors enter a facility, they usually post an announcement where everyone can see it. The announcemnt includes the phone number that anyone (patients, families, staff) can call to give additional information and comments. The calls or emails are received ANY time, not just during survey.
    The surveyors evaluate sample issues, not everything. If they see deficits, they look closer. This system is effective, but standards can be missed. If there is a standard you think needs to be addressed cloely and has deficits, call the accreditation agency and let them know. They will look VERY closely at that issue.
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    This is a very old thread
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    But still pertinent and applicable.
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    and things change
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    My goodness! For a moment there i thought Tookie had resurfaced and got all excited!
    I wonder where she is thesedays? Her and gwenith. You are both missed!