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Has anyone ever felt that one of your instructors truly hated you?

A few weeks ago I had a difficult patient at clinical who was very angry and lashed out at me. The one time the teacher was in the room with me to give meds, the pt. had just woken up and didnt say anything. We work these patients up pretty extensively, so I had spent a lot of time reading her chart. At our conference afterwards, we have to tell about our week. When it was my turn, my instructor interrupted me, and said very firmly that I had not read the chart and that if I had, I would have known that the patient had a "history of mental retardation." She went on to say that if I had paid attention, I would have noticed that interactions with this patient caused her to lash out because she was retarded! I was floored. I had read the chart, and saw nothing about a history of retardation. One of the nurses said that he thought she was "slow", but there was no other evidence of it at all. It was also not mentioned in report, and the RN assigned to her worked with me the entire first day and never mentioned it.

A lot of times if I ask a question in class, this teacher does not know the answer. Today we were reviewing heparin drips, and she told me that I worked a dosage calculation wrong, even though we got the same answer!!!! I dont have trouble with school , I have been almost acing the tests this semester. I study my rear off because I want at 4.0 and I want to graduate. I just feel like I am under fire anytime she is around and it drives me insane!!!!!!!

Has anyone had a similar experience??????

Thanks! - JuicyJem

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I've never had this happen...Sorry I don't have any advice. But hey! Aren't you glad that you're graduating in less than three months?!!! Congrats!

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Unfortunately, I can relate. I had an instructor when I was in nursing school that for some reason (I never figured out why) totally disliked me. Other students in my class would approach me after class / clinicals and say things such as, "I felt sorry for you! Mrs. (blank) sure likes to give you a hard time, doesn't she?" My classmates even hoped to be on the same clinical rotation as me because that instructor was so busy riding my as# that she didn't have time to harass them! None of the other nursing instructors had a problem with me. Perhaps I reminded her of someone she disliked? Who knows.

The only advice I can give is do what I did ... continue to be polite and try to avoid confrontations with her. Always be prepared for class / clinicals and do the best you can. In the end, she can't fail you due to some personal issue she may have with you. I graduated and never looked back.

I am sorry you are having to deal with this type of situation - just try not to let her get to you. I believe nothing would have made the instuctor I was referring to happier than if I had quit ... but I wouldn't give her the satisfaction. She just made me that much more determined that I was going to finish. Good luck!!!

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Perhaps I'm being sensitive... but am I the only one who has a problem with the instructor's use of the word "retarded"? That is not an acceptable term in my area... if you used that word the pc police would be all over you. I have a friend whose uncle has down's syndrome... anyone uses that other expression, she goes ballistic. And it really isn't appropriate anyway, "retarded" means delayed. Which would bring me to ask, "Delayed what?" My program teaches that we are to never state the client as their condition... that is, "the patient has had a myocardial infarction", not "the MI in room 516". Maybe I'm nitpicking... but reporting not only how the instructor treated you, but how she spoke of the patient might be a good idea.

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Yep, I know what you are going through. I had my first experience with that type of person yesterday. Whenever I had a question, her reply was "You need to research your pt better." Or she had a question about my pt's mrsa infection that I did not know the answer to---she asked me where the infection was located. I didn't know mrsa had certain areas of location. I asked the nurse & her reply....."I didn't even know that pt had mrsa." There was nothing in the chart regarding it, but I got the same patent reply from my instructor..."You need to research your pt better."

She's already informed me that she will be riding me for the next 5 weeks. Gee, thanks for the 411. It's tough to deal with, I think sometimes they forget they are clinical "instructors" & expect us to know it all.

Hang in there...don't let her get you down.


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I would have grabbed the chart afterwards and asked her to point out exactly where it says she was "retarded." Whatever. That would probably make her even more angry and weird.

I feel so thankful I had good clinical instructors. I have heard horror stories. The idea that students need to be "weeded out" is so stupid.

When someone acts like that toward me, it makes me feel (a little) better to know they are probably just unhappy and have issues, and that it has nothing to do with me.


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Originally posted by LydiaGreen

Perhaps I'm being sensitive... but am I the only one who has a problem with the instructor's use of the word "retarded"? That is not an acceptable term in my area... if you used that word the pc police would be all over you.

Thats just it, this instructor is very unprofessional. In semesters past, our teachers have either worn scrubs or business attire with a lab coat to clinicals. This one wears ratty cotton shirts and legging-looking pants (with a lab coat) half the time. A lot of things about her are extremely unprofessional. I agree with what you are saying and I am contemplating reporting her.

I just want to get out of school and be a real nurse. I cant wait!!!!!!!!!


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This same instructor was responsible for my midterm evaluation. I am passing, but the comments that she wrote might make you think otherwise. She wrote "student said patient was mean and it had to be pointed out to student that patient was MR" or something to that effect.........the thing was that she didn't give me a chance to do anything but skim over the comments. I had to ask her to let me read them fully.

She also passed a care plan I turned into her. She said that my average in clinical and class was "very good."

I feel like she is just getting at me where she can, and that is clinical performance, because my grades are great and she cant change that.

I am struggling with this still, though. I want to go to Medical Records and read that chart because if the lady was MR and I didnt catch it, I want to know. But if its not in there, I want to know also. I want so badly to confront her and ask her why it had to be brought up in front of the entire class and never personally. I just think that its wrong, so wrong. I feel like I don't have the right to be treated with respect because I am a student. If I confront her, she could make life hell for me. If I don't, its going to bug the heck out of me.

Does anyone have any suggestions???????

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There are some hateful people out there in instructor land, been there and feel for you.

My best friend (RN for 20+ years) had an awful instructor in her BSN program. This person told her "You're never going to make it. Why don't you just drop out now? Even if you do graduate, you won't be a good nurse."

Wellll.... my friend hung in there and ten years later guess what happened?

This instructor ended up being my friend's pt on a psych ward.


Just try to do the best you can. Don't let this person shake your confidence of discourage you. Let your working conditions and pt load do that after you graduate! Just kidding!

There is no winning with that type of person. Just try to stay out of her way.


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Your instructor may not like you, but she isn't failing you to be vindictive. She says you are above average, which is a compliment. I'd say figure out how to work with her & that'll be good training for the future.

Unless she does something that violates patient safety, I wouldn't report her. She might turn out to be kind of cool as you get to know her. Or maybe not. I wouldn't burn a bridge just yet.

Sounds pollyannish, but one of the instructors I hate, my classmates love. I am trying to re-evaluate my feelings for her b/c I trust my peers.

Just my opinion. Good luck. It sounds like a terrible situation.


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Although, to be fair to this patient, others getting report should have been alerted to the fact she was developmentally disabled. When looking at a chart, if you question something like this again, there are two places to look. Look in the dr's H&P to see if there is mention of it, there probly is, and also look at the admitting sheet, if they came from a group home or a institution of some type, there are usually dx listed at the bottom of the page of meds that comes from the home with them. There should have been anyway, it sounds in this instance. Other than those 2 places there probly wouldnt be any documentation of any MR, or developmental delays.

Nope,, cant use the word "retarded", a definate nono!! The catch phrase in my area is developmentally disabled.


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I usually do check the H&P and the admitting nurse's assessment sheet. It is possible that I missed it because as we all know the handwriting in charts is not always legible.

I really appreciate all of the replies. Its good to see it from other viewpoints because my emotions are involved (pride, mostly:)) so I don't always stand back and see the big picture.


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