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INP vs Fighting with a Lawer


I'm in a terrible situation which is completely my fault and I take full responsibility for it. I was terminated and referred to IPN and was given 1 week to enter the program or they will contact the DOH. What I will be investigated for drug diversion but my blood and urine toxic screens were negative and no medication found, but I tried to cover up my over wasted medication which I know is stupid and irrational so I will probably lose my license for deliberately furnishing mislead information. I can't sleep or eat. I'm looking into a lawyer to help me but feel like the board isn't going to take a falsification incident lightly. I just distraught and need to post somewhere to see if there are any other stories like mine and what the outcome was either good or bad. I just feel like anyone in my shoes will never practice again.

AbbeyR, ADN, BSN

Has 22 years experience.

That’s a documenting error/issue If you have no addiction issues then the monitoring program isn’t for you. Talk to a lawyer that specializes in nurse licensing. You might be on probation with the BON. Self reporting is admitting you have a substance abuse problem. Your job is just covering their ***. They’ll report you regardless. HR is only there to protect the company. Please don’t self report without taking to a lawyer.
best of luck! This is a great support for us!

TriciaJ, RN

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I think talking to a lawyer will help put you at ease. Until then, you will be second-guessing yourself and having worst case scenarios constantly swirling around in your head.

I'm not clear on what exactly happened. Did you make a charting error? Then tried to cover your charting error? I'm confident the lawyer can help you sort this out and give you some guidance on how to proceed.

Good luck.

I over wasted and then tried to cover it up to make up for the already wasted medication. It wasn’t a charting error I messed up and then tired to cover it up but the other nurse questioned it and I then confessed to my mistake and failed attempt to cover it up. I can’t come to terms saying what I really did out loud with out everyone in here thinking WOW!! your ******* dumb.

AbbeyR, ADN, BSN

Has 22 years experience.

You are absolutely not dumb.. we are human and make mistakes. We are under so much pressure as nurses to be perfect and it’s honestly not okay. If it was accepted in our profession to when mistakes happen we can approach our management without feeling like we are going to loose our license and jobs maybe less errors would happen. I honestly think you’ll be okay, you most likely will have to answer to the BON, but I wouldn’t self report to monitoring unless you have a substance abuse history. You job should have written you up but reporting you is extreme, but as I said, they don’t care about us.

As entering IPN can have long term effect on your nursing license I agree with the suggestion that you contact a lawyer, ideally one experienced in handling this type of issue with the BON. IF you haven’t done so yet you might consider visiting The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (https://taana.org) site to find a potential nurse attorney in your location. Until you do speak to an attorney, if you choose to do so, do not discuss this situation with anyone, other than your significant other, to include posting here as any information you disclose is potentially discoverable.

Best wishes.