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  1. Regina.Phalange

    I survived the Board of Nursing

    It’s going all drug screens including hair are negative as I know they would be, but no letter yet. I got a great Lawer and just waiting for the letter and the next step. I got a new job which I love and just keep taking one day at a time. I had drifted away from my faith for a while and let my career define me. I have come to learn I’m not my career and he’s knows what’s best. I love my job but I made a terrible mistake and tried to cover it up which was the worst but have learned from this terrible situation. I have come to the realization that I might never be a nurse again after this is over so I’m soaking up every min that I can and making the best of it. Thank you for your concern Mrs Phalange
  2. Regina.Phalange

    Does an attorney help against PHMP/PNAP?

    Hi, any updates??
  3. Regina.Phalange

    How long does this take ?!?!? Please help!

    Are you still working?
  4. Regina.Phalange

    Telling your employer the BON places you on probation

    I'm curious about any updates??
  5. Regina.Phalange

    INP vs Fighting with a Lawer

    I over wasted and then tried to cover it up to make up for the already wasted medication. It wasn’t a charting error I messed up and then tired to cover it up but the other nurse questioned it and I then confessed to my mistake and failed attempt to cover it up. I can’t come to terms saying what I really did out loud with out everyone in here thinking WOW!! your ******* dumb.
  6. Regina.Phalange

    I survived the Board of Nursing

    Well it wasn’t really a documentation error I tried to pass something else off as the medication and was caught and then told them the truth they didn’t even know but I couldn’t handle the lie after it was all done. I question my self if I should just walk away from nursing all together. It’s just hard for me to believe someone will want to fight for me when I was a complete idiot and screwed my entire career up in mins.
  7. Regina.Phalange

    INP vs Fighting with a Lawer

    I'm in a terrible situation which is completely my fault and I take full responsibility for it. I was terminated and referred to IPN and was given 1 week to enter the program or they will contact the DOH. What I will be investigated for drug diversion but my blood and urine toxic screens were negative and no medication found, but I tried to cover up my over wasted medication which I know is stupid and irrational so I will probably lose my license for deliberately furnishing mislead information. I can't sleep or eat. I'm looking into a lawyer to help me but feel like the board isn't going to take a falsification incident lightly. I just distraught and need to post somewhere to see if there are any other stories like mine and what the outcome was either good or bad. I just feel like anyone in my shoes will never practice again.
  8. Regina.Phalange

    APRN - Is it worth it.....