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Anyone have trouble with intradermal injections?

Mantoux. I did one today and wasn't too successful:o My first one ever. :eek:


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I worked as a medical assistant and had to do those. Oh, I was awful with the first one, but it gets easier and you get better with practice.



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Thanks Teresa, that is encouraging !

It is true that some students practice on each other? We never did in the lab.



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We never practiced on each other. :eek:

We practiced a few times in school, but I've honestly never given anything intadermally since then.


it gets easier with practice. we practiced on each other with normal saline in the lab and at our clinical sites.


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Thanks Heather, I just know I can do it, our instructor said that we probably won't ever have to do them.

Thanks Rena ! I just know I can do it if I get the chance again:eek:


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We also practiced on each other in got a lot easier after the 10th poke!



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I had to do one on a nine month old infant this semester. I felt very unsure of myself because babies have a habit of not sitting still for procedures. A nurse put a WWF hold on the baby and I did it. I was so relieved.


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Practice makes perfect.... dont worry.... you really prolly will never have to do one... lol, if you are real can always practice on an orange....... thats what we did in nsg school :)

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We did practice on each other as students with NS. It gets better. I gave alot of them on the oncology floor.



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originally posted by mkue

anyone have trouble with intradermal injections?

mantoux. i did one today and wasn't too successful:o my first one ever. :eek:

wow, around here you have to be certified to do the tb test. of course that doesn't mean the person is any good :o the last health dept rn that did us at school this year messed up about half of them. :confused:


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Gosh, thanks everyone, I feel better with your responses. We used a "pad" in the lab and there is no way to see a wheel (sp) with the pads.

I'm going to see if I can use NS for practice.

Thanks !:)

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