IV tubing change

  1. Would people on this group be willing to share your policies on time frames for changing IV tubings? Currently we change the primary line every 72 hours and a secondary piggyback line every 24 hours. Is what you have based on long-standing policy or do you have a reference that I could use for substantiation of a change in our policies.
    Thank You
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  3. by   RNforLongTime
    The policy at the last two hopsitals that I have worked at state that all IV tubing be changed every 72 hours. Unless it is tubing for TPN--that gets changes every 24 hours.
  4. by   Chuckie
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  5. by   kewlnurse
    Iv tubing get s changed q 72 hours, bags, q 24, hyper al, q 24, dht/peg feeds q 24. Propofol q 12 (just found that out the other day) Dilantin tubing c/every bag.
  6. by   jeniousno1
    we have an iv policy and we change the giving sets every 72hours and this is probably standard policy.
    we also use venflon charts to record the observation of venflons on a 4hourly basis.
    hope this helps you.:kiss
  7. by   jeniousno1
    when we use syringe drivers to administer small infusions of 10mls - 12mls, the I.V. line is changed daily because the line is primed with the new infusion before connection to the patient, as the I.V. giving set has a safety valve attached so that the patient does not get more than their infusion is set at, hope this helps.
  8. by   Groovydogg
    Hi, I work for a home IV infusion company (we deal with IV drugs exclusively) I teach the patients to administer their therapy. Our policy is: regardles of the access (PIV, PICC, PORT, etc) the tubing is to be changed every 24 hours. Depending on the therapy this may be several doses or just one.
  9. by   pollux
    Every 72 hrs and any lines with TPN or additives will be Q24hrs
  10. by   rreed
    we used to be every 72 hrs but policy has been changed to q 4 days for IV fluids
    still q 24 hrs for TPN/PPN.
  11. by   New CCU RN
    IV Bags q24 hrs except Diprivan which is q12 and PCA pump bag which is q72 and TPN/lipids which are q24
    IV tubing is q72 hrs except Diprivan and TPN/lipids which are q24

    Any pressure monitoring tubing is also q72 and the bags ie)swan bag must be changed q24.
  12. by   Huq
    CDC recommends changing IV tubing, including piggybacks, no more frequently than at 72 hour intervals. TPN, blood or blood products no longer than 24 hours
  13. by   ?burntout
    We change primary and secondary tubing Q 96 hours; TPN/PPN and lipid tubing Q 24 hours
  14. by   shirokuma
    some California hospitals are q96h for maintenance iv and pressure tubing
    q12h for propofol
    q24h for tpn
    in Canada, Insulin was changed q24h (bag and tubing)