Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

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Groovydogg has 14 years experience and specializes in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

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  1. Meropenem via PIV

    Hi all, I was wondering if there are any reasons not to administer meropenem via PIV in the home. My company refused a case because the pt did not have a picc or mid line. Another company picked the pt up with just the piv? pH seems acceptable and I ...
  2. Pulmonary hypertension?

    did you get answers??? I know this is a late response but if you have any questions email me directly. PH is not a disease that can be ignored. I have worked in this field exclusivly for the last 9 years.
  3. Pulmonary Hypertension

    PH is a progressive disease and MUST be treated by a specialist. PH is my specialty. PLEASE email me directly. Do not delay treatment!!!!! another web site is Brad
  4. vaccination pain question

    I got a tetnus vax about 1 month ago and my shoulder is still very sore. Is this common? The shot itself was not out of the ordinary and not painful, but I am still unable to work out at the gym. When does this turn into a problem?
  5. Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    Hi, I do home infusion. Almost exclusively Flolan, various clotting factors, and rarely IVIG. I drive about 60-70,000 miles per year. I'm thinking about b uying a GPS units. Anyone have suggestions?
  6. Couldn't name any? I suggest you look again. But I have to agree with you about pissing people off, I mean c'mon, considering that FRANCE, GERMANY, and CHINA, were busted red handed thawrting the UN "effort" of course they are upset. But pissing off ...
  7. Strike Vote

    Please try to read my post. 1. I did not knock all unions, just most of them. 2. I am not knocking the unions bargining for pay, I am knocking the fact that they will protect any member regardless of the circumstance. I worked in a union hosp where e...
  8. Strike Vote

    When unions first come into being they were sorely needed. But now they (for the most part) are very corrupt and are a breeding ground for laziness, yes i have worked in union hospitals, and it was disgusting, BUT they were state unions and the nurse...
  9. student in need of advice

    work in a hospital. that looks real good on the application!
  10. I need help

    Hi, I live in NJ, went to nursing school in MD and grew up in NY. all the states had many hospitals that hadf all the things you are looking for. I hope it is the same down there
  11. What type of supplies will we need?

    If you can find it, a second set of books from a former student. I always found it helpful, if I wasn't grasping a concept to read it in another book from a different author explaining it using different words. this works great for subjects A&P, ...
  12. nj salary survey

    I do home IV infusion for a high tech pharmacy and make way good money. 61K for 25-40 hours a week. I'm full time but I never work a full 40. and that includes drive time.
  13. Help! IV not properly flushed..

    Hi Ephiph., While the airin the line was probably no problem, any air gap toward the internal end, it could (possibly) cause a coagulation. This is just a theory, but it is not silly. AND, to agree with every one else, it is VERY SLOPPY, and shows a ...
  14. Not sure if I have what it takes to be a cna?

    I was a nurses aid fro about ten years before I became a BSN and I can tell you that the experience you get as a CNA will without doubt help you in nursing school as well as being a better RN. As you work as a CNA, you will see the difference betwee...
  15. Needed: Feedback from nurses to complete assignment

    personally involved??? I become inolved with all my paients. i work for a company that serves pulmonary HTN patients and generally speaking I am with them for a while and then they die. I visit in the hospital, I go to funerals, I send Mass cards, I ...