Winter Storm

  1. Just wanted to say to all Indiana nurses....take care during this winter storm. I am lucky to be off work till Friday but I know some of you will be out there battling the weather to get back and forth to work. Be safe!!!


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  3. by   charebec65
    I know this is for Indiana nurses but I'm in part of Ohio that is in your pathway.... We're expecting snow, sleet and ice. nasty.....

    I'm due to work tomorrow morning.....

    I would like to add the same sentiments to the Ohio nurses. Cincinnati and Dayton are full of hospitals....
  4. by   CantWait2Nurse
    Just a question ! being a new student nurse and havent started clinicals yet Im wondering how exactly does it work when we go into snow emergency like we are getting ready to do in a few hours? I mean in my area we are expecting 12 to 15 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. If I was due to come in would they still expect me in a foot of snow.? Does night shift have to stay until we get there? Do they call people that live closer in? If we get the snow, sleet , and ice they say we are getting who can even get to the hospials? Whats the norm in the hospitals for weather related emergencies? Just wondering
  5. by   charebec65
    I didn't go in but my situation is a bit different. I do pediatric homecare and the patient I had today's mom also does pediatric homecare. She didn't go in so I didn't have to brave the treacherous backroads between here and there. I won't get paid but I'll be in one piece...

    I don't know how it works in other venues. Many doctor offices and urgent care centers around here are closed.

    When I was in school, our clinical depended on whether or not our school closed. If our school closed, we didn't go to clinical. One day, our group was already at our clinical site when the storm got really bad so we just stayed though the program closed instead of getting on bad roads. The others had to make up the clinical day.
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    ++We live out here in SW PA and are expecting the white stuff too. I'm taking an extra change of clothes, and all that I need to do my own ADL's ie:curling iron, hair dryer, bath pouff, shower gel ) in case I can not get home or call offs demand I stay to staff
  7. by   nurturing_angel
    My well-wishes for safety during the storm are not just for Indiana nurses although I originally addressed it to Indiana nurses. The entire midwest is getting hit hard and I am hoping that we can all make it through this safely.
    I live in central Indiana at this time and we are getting iced in pretty good. My friends and family in northern Indiana tell me they are at near blizzard conditions this morning....boy do I remember those lake effect snows from when I lived up in Kosciusko County. My heart goes out to all nurses, especially those of us in the snowbelt today. Be safe out there!
    Can'tWait2Nurse, If you work in a hospital, they expect you to give it your best shot at getting to work. Hospitals do not close and they have to have nurses. I have always lived close to work and usually don't have a problem getting there. Husbands do come in handy.. Some of my coworkers who live out of town may have problems but they always try so I don't usually mind if I have to work over or work extra days to cover for them. I don't like to go in on my days off for other units but if snow emergencys are called and they need the help they CAN mandate you to come. They may have to find ways for you to get there though. If it isn't safe to drive, it isn't safe to drive.
    If you really don't want to work in these conditions...don't work in a hospital or a nursing home. Or work close to home.
    Charebec65, when I was in clinicals, wayyyyyyy back in the dark ages, I had to drive 45 miles to get to the clinical site and regardless of the weather, we were expected to be there. Our instructors said it was because as nurses we would not be excused because of the weather and so they would not excuse us as students either. Talk about hair raising experiences.....glad that is over. My longest commute to work now is 2 miles..
    Glad you get to stay home today. Enjoy!

    Vickie :Melody:
  8. by   WickedRedRN
    I was scheduled off today and tomorrow so I was lucky in that respect. Having just come in from shoveling and cleaning vehicles so my hubby can get to work, I can say this weather (pardon my french) SUCKS! I am keeping all of you and your families who had to go out in this in my thoughts and safe!
  9. by   allantiques4me
    Its snowing hard as we speak.Im in Ohio.The news says not to go out unless you absolutely mustIm so glad Im at home.Dont have to be to work till Saturday.You guys that have to be out in this ,be safe.
  10. by   leesespieces
    well, i live in nw indiana and made it to clinical this morning in chicago. it was the ride home that was the worst!!! i made it all the way to my street before i got stuck!!! but i was able to shovel myself out thank goodness. it was a crazy day every er in the area except ours and christ down the street were on bypass...lots of accidents i'm hoping tomorrow is not as bad; i might welcome a snow day off school....but i get to observe a thoracic surgery tomorrow!

    be careful everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

    god bless
  11. by   charebec65
    We got about another 4" last night which I dug out at 6:30 this morning. Not long afterward it started sleeting and has done that all day. I went out about an hour before hubby was expected home and started working on breaking up the ice in the driveway. Our driveway goes down hill into our garage so I wanted a clear area for him to park so he wouldn't slide down into the house or our daughter's car. It's warm enough that the salt I put down should help.....of course, I've shoveled twice and salted 3 times since late yesterday afternoon trying to stay ahead of it. Hopefully I can get out in the morning (assuming my college doesn't close down again tomorrow.

    I'm in Warren County and we've been hit pretty hard but there are several counties to my north that are under blizzard warnings.....

    Stay safe everyone....
  12. by   Ado Annie
    I went to work this morning (non healthcare job) but we were sent home (informally). No school for the kiddos. No class tonight for me. We missed last Tuesday, too. Prof was making a joke about which body system it's OK for future healthcare professionals not to know about. Do colleges ever schedule make-up days? I think we're gonna need one! The lab exam has been postponed twice now, and I don't know how we'll make up the 2 labs we missed.

    The drifts are big. Don't drive if you don't have to, and if you do, be sure to have blankets, shovels, food, water...
  13. by   RN BSN 2009
    Its coming down here in Michigan too.... BE SAFE! :smilecoffeecup:
  14. by   nurseofalltrades
    Am in SW Pa also. Weather is horrible here and I must drive a half hour to work and be there by 6:30am for a 12 hour shift! We had several inches of snow and it has been letting the ice down for hours also.Unfortunately I cant not go to work. I have 65 residents counting on me..I love Somerset county weather!!!!!!:chuckle