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I thought it might be nice to have a place for us to vent our frustrations with waiting until May 30th or so when letters start going out. I know I'm going nuts already! How about introductions... Read More

  1. by   deception9999
    check with your local health departments on the immunizations. ask your program chair where they recommend for drug screens.
  2. by   kgle
    You can get a copy of your immunization records from the high school you attended. I got one in less than 10 minutes!
  3. by   csab
    Does anyone know what they will accept as an immunization record? I mean, is the old folded up piece of paper that has handwritten dates on it from the the late 60's-early 70's good enough? (the one they gave my mom) or does it have to be more official? When I registered my kids for Kindergarten they just accepted my little record cards that has handwritten dates in it. I know the ped's office where I went as a child is long gone, but I think I have a handwritten record sheet somewhere. (This was from the state of Michigan as well, not Indiana). I might just end up getting titers or new shots for some things.
  4. by   Lennonninja
    I called my high school and had them fax me a copy of my vaccine records. Bloomington requires TB test twice in the last year (once if you work at a health care facility), MMR twice if born after 57, Hep B series, and the Chickenpox vaccine (this is declinable). Titers are acceptable as well.

    I had to get a second MMR vaccine this weekend because some of my MMR dates were missing and the titers were far more expensive than the shot. I'll be getting the chickenpox vaccine next month since I don't have "medical documentation" of having the disease (even though I had it when I was 7) and the shot is cheaper than the titer.

    I've just got photocopies of all of the records that I show to my NP and then signs off on them when I have my physical next month. I'll make photocopies of everything to hand in if the nursing office really needs it as well.
  5. by   csab
    I will have to find out if my insurance covers doing the titers. I probably have record of rubella titer at the OB's office (they test every pg patient, don't they?) so I will call about that.

    So does all this 'stuff' required to start due at the orientation meeting or just by the first day of classes? (wanting to know if I have to have it all done by late Oct. or early Jan.). Thanks.
  6. by   sunnysideup09

    All the health forms and information must be done by the day orientation starts. They go through at that time and check the health forms.
  7. by   csab
    Thanks. Now I know I should start making appts for physical and blood work. I usually go around my b-day in late November but I guess I'll have to go earlier this year. I hope my insurance pays for the physical b/c it won't have been a full year since my last one.
  8. by   Lennonninja
    Bloomington requires all of the vaccines (unless you're in the middle of the Hep B series, you need to have had at least 1) and the physical by the first day of classes. We didn't get our physical forms and stuff until orientation the other week. Our background checks are due by 8-7-09 though.
  9. by   kgle
    Does anyone have an estimate of the cost of everything (physicals, immunizations, titers, extras) that you had to pay for before you could use financial aid? Just trying to get an idea of what I should set back for summer so I can afford to buy everything (just in case!)!
  10. by   StillSliding
    I sign up for loans and receive aid. I am poor and no insurance. The health dept. provided the immunizations free and gave a nice print out to the school.Health dept will also combine your H/S immunizations to one data base for you. you need to start those now. Physical was $90 at a clinic, drug test and background was around $100.
  11. by   kgle
    Dumb question, but are you required to have insurance for yourself for the program or does the school provide a limited liability type insurance?
  12. by   Emmi7
    Quote from kgle
    Dumb question, but are you required to have insurance for yourself for the program or does the school provide a limited liability type insurance?
    Hey I found this on page 14 of the Overview and Application Process Booklet:


    Malpractice insurance coverage is provided to all students enrolled in clinical nursing courses. The limits of liability for the Institutional Professional Liability coverage are $1,000,000 for each medical incident and $3,000,000 aggregate. This coverage extends to clinical experience at an institution other than the College when it is a part of the College training program. Each student may obtain additional individual liability insurance. This coverage does not apply to employment situations such as externships and summer employment.
  13. by   jennynicole89
    I'm nervous about even getting accepted. I had a really hard time picking a major in the beginning. I messed up my transcripts a little (my completion rate looks terrible but my GPA is a 3.3 still). I haven't taken APHY 1 or 2, Math 136, or Psych yet. I have an A in English, Communication, Ivy105 and Sociology though. Do you think I still have a chance in getting into the Lafayette nursing program?

    I want to do nursing so badly, but am terrified that I am going to take all of the classes, bust my butt, and not get accepted into a program!