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This is the "Not In" thread, or for anyone that's planning on applying for Spring Semester by the Sept 1st deadline. We need love too! :loveya: My Boring Stats: A's in prereq's except ANP... Read More

  1. by   csab
    So what did all the Indy people think of orientation? I thought it was all stuff that they could have just included with our acceptance letters. I wonder what the big all-day orientation will be like in January.

    As far as summers go, it seems like if you take this summer but not next summer, you would have half a term to finish up in Fall of 2011 and would be finished with classes/clinicals in October 2011. But if you took both summers (2010 and 2011), you'd be done in August 2011.
  2. by   csab
    MistyMiss--we had talked about the CPR at the Y after orientation--I just looked and at the Fishers branch at least, it is AHA approved. So it probably is at other branches as well. It does not say if it includes AED though so I will have to call and ask about that.
  3. by   leen7777
    i thought that we would get to register for classes today. i think they had us come in today to give us our bills (hahaha). there is so much to do, and purchase before january. i wish i would have known who was who there. maybe at the next meeting, i will yell out some sceen names and see who answers. good luck to all of you taking care of your tasks, i hope it goes smoothly for everyone. i am calling darlene to put my name in for the december 21, date for the cpr class......:d
  4. by   AnneMarie
    I know, I really wanted to wear a nametag with my screen name! haha! I was excited to meet everyone and I successfully met not ONE person! haha! Oh well! Does anyone know the drug screen / background check website by chance? I don't have my packet with me and I'd like to set up my account now so I can run back by the nursing office on my way home. THANKS!

    Csab, I agree that today was a little anti-climactic....I really thought we'd have our schedules and get some sort of little "lab kit" or something. It will be really interesting to see what that orientation is like on Jan. 7th. I especially can't wait to see where they put me for clinicals---I specified "North" on my form, but watch me get clinicals in Beech Grove! Lovely!

    Regardless, I'm SO excited!
  5. by   carlosnindy
    certifiedbackground.com is the site. You have to call them and get a package code. I just submitted mine and paid my $83. Nice to meet you today csab. I hope I didnt freak you by knowing what car you drove back from Terre Haute, I just remembered your face from the other site. Lot more guys there today than I had anticipated.
  6. by   csab
    I emailed the gal in the nursing office and she sent me the code within about 3 minutes LOL. It's IV66 for anyone who needs it for Indy. I guess the co-chairs didn't realize they had to tell us that.
  7. by   leen7777
    Cool, thanks
  8. by   csab
    Oh and Carlos, LOL well it started to freak me out a bit until I realized how you knew--and I had seen you pass me on the highway and I remembered your car (not knowing it was you driving it) because it had squealed so loudly in the parking lot LOL. No offense to your 190k mile car or however much you said it has
  9. by   csab
    I wonder what happened with the three people whose names they called that weren't there? She marked their names off the list right then and there! eek!
  10. by   carlosnindy
    I could kind of tell by the look on your face that you were not too comfortable with it all. I am sorry. I just remembered your face and remembered seeing you in TH. I aint stalking you.
  11. by   carlosnindy
    Quote from csab
    I wonder what happened with the three people whose names they called that weren't there? She marked their names off the list right then and there! eek!
    I would guess that either LPN students would get moved up or alternates will get moved in. She sure didnt call them twice to make sure though did she. If you didnt answer you were gone!
  12. by   AnneMarie
    Perfect! Thank you for the website and for the code!

    Carlos, were you sitting in the very back on the right next to two broken chairs?? I thought I heard you say that your name was Carlos when you turned in your check b/c I was standing behind you. If that was you, I was sitting right behind you....Didn't want to say, "Hey are you the guy from Allnurses.com" and have someone look at me like I had a third eye! I know that all 120 of those people are DEFINITELY not on this forum! haha!

    If those CPR dates fill-up quickly and anyone is looking for an alternative, my neighbor is an EMT for the Fishers Fire Department and he is certified with AHA to do CPR with AED. We live in McCordsville and can either do it at his house or at the fire station at 116th and Brooks School. I think we're going to shoot for the first week in December sometime, but he would be open to just about any day and time. If anyone's interested, let me know and I'll give you his info.
  13. by   csab
    Oooh ooh I'm interested! I live very near that fire station! Can he do 'personal' sessions with just a few of us sometime? I would love to meet you there and do the session with you!