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hi everyone.. Im planning to get into the nursing world,i just wnna ask how much they make an hour just to give me an idea of the salary.Thank oyu so right here waiting...... Read More

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    I worked at a home health agency as an aide then as a nurse fresh out of school making $15.00/hr no benefits. I then went to work for a LTC facility with one month experience making $18.75 hr as an LPN, evening shift. RN's at my facility make $20-$23/hr depending on experience and shift differential. I have a friend that works for a hospital making $25/hr....she has her RN,BSN and 5+ years experience, and another friend who is an LPN in a primary care physicians office making $14.00/hr
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    Quote from loriLPN
    in northern indiana in LTC you can expect between 13 and 15 per hour for lpn, and 16 to 18 for rn.
    Are you being serious????? I'm so sorry but you are in the wrong job. I made $19/hr as a brand new LPN 8 years ago. They had better be giving me at least 23 these days, seems to be average around here.
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    Anyone with more promising quotes? This sounds worse than Alabama! How about for agency RN's?
    Thank you!
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    Please note that most of this thread is nearly 8 years old at this point. A lot of the numbers quoted in here will no longer be valid.
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    what is a good hospital to work at in northwest indiana. congrats on your rn degree.
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    Can a newer thread be started for people who are questioning this?
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    Short Version: Staff RN starting pay is usually 20-22 dollars per hour (See below).

    Long Version: Most non-travel, day shift, Indiana RN jobs without OT start out at $20-22 per hour. This includes basic med-surg, acute care, geriatric nursing, hospice and most office work positions (i.e. staff nurses). Applicants wanting to boost earning power should enhance their resume and work experience. While furthering your degree and obtaining additional certifications do not necessarily add $$$ directly to your hire-in pay, they sure do compliment your skill set and increase the liklihood of obtaining higher pay. More specific fields of nursing--namely, psychiatric, critical care and ER nurses--offer $22-24/hour starting pay for qualified candidates. Personally, I work three 12 hour shifts per week in a private practice, acute care clinic and earn approximately $37,000 per year. And, that's with a BSN as well as ACLS, CPR and PPD certifications. Although many larger facilities aren't this way, my job does not offer OT to employees; they also do not offer extra pay for bilingual employees. Nevertheless, I've found that my skill set makes me more marketable abroad. A good way to increase your pay short term is to work night shifts, do PRN or Per Diem work or find employment in more hazardous clinical areas (i.e. become a flight nurse). Whatever you choose, do a good job, learn what you can and be safe!
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    Quote from nurseluv9
    hi everyone.. Im planning to get into the nursing world,i just wnna ask how much they make an hour just to give me an idea of the salary.Thank you so right here waiting...
    . Im a C.N.A. In Indianapolis Indiana. I'm working private duty and my pay-rate is $20.00hr. I only have 1 client to take care of with no stress.