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montinurse has 10 years experience and specializes in ICU.

Active duty Navy for 6.5 years, RN is my second career! I'm 38 years old, married with 3 beautiful children. Life is good.

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  1. montinurse

    An open letter to the #NursesUnite movement

    What's amazing is the salary of these women on The View, for sitting around talking about others, as many talk show hosts do. Not the noblest of professions. I don't get it.
  2. montinurse

    ICU burnout?

    Some good advice here. ICU isn't easy. I float in a hospital that doesn't use CNA's or transporters in the ER and ICU. The ICU doesn't have a unit secretary so the charge nurse picks up as much as she can, which isn't usually much bc she's dealing with admissions, transfers, discharges, staffing, etc. Usually everyone burns out quickly. It's a shame, administration knows the problems but refuses to fix them. It's all about learning to balance your personal life so you can let it go after you leave work. I still take a day or two to recover when I work a 12 hour shift in ICU!
  3. montinurse

    ADN-BSN paper

    Alternative cancer treatment facility. Great hours, great co-workers, great patients :)
  4. montinurse

    ADN-BSN paper

    So it's been a few months since I posted-thanks for all the input. I honestly HATE school though I have a 4.0, and have found my dream job that doesn't require my bsn..... Now you know what I'm considering! :-)
  5. montinurse

    Stupid Nurse Tricks (Or How To Look Incredibly Stupid)

    Taking care of a young A&O ICU patient (male, early 20s). Manipulating his IV catheter in his arm. My lovely sinuses decide to drip right onto his forearm. Gross! He was like, "that's cool". I was mortified.
  6. montinurse

    Where are all of the jobs hiding?

    Don't I know :)
  7. montinurse

    Where are all of the jobs hiding?

    The nursing shortage theory still exists because it seems every unit is ALWAYS short staffed. Welcome to healthcare. Employers want experienced nurses. So there's a shortage of experienced hospital/snif nurses. I wouldn't misinform student nurses, they need to be aware that the first few years aren't easy.
  8. montinurse

    Integrated Health Systems

    Good company to work for :)
  9. montinurse

    A Mile in Their Shoes

    This is what's so frustrating about being a nurse! There is no simple line to be drawn for everyone's health problem etiologies. I can say that I'm not overweight, but I used to smoke and drink on occasion. So when I'm old and have COPD and a fatty liver, I sure hope I am not judged by my nurses. I treat all my patients with respect. But it's the helplessness that leads to the anger and judgement. None of us are immune to those nasty thoughts. It's how we treat others, in our professional lives and personal. Spread love and kindness.
  10. montinurse

    Registry Work

    Are you in Southern Cali? Try Integrated Health Services. Sounds like you've applied to some bad ones. IHS was helpful from the start. I'm still employed with them as I am going to college online right now. They are great to work for. I am in Phoenix, and know they have places in California...
  11. montinurse

    organization for agency nurses?

    Is there a professional organization for agency or per diem nurses? Thanks, I'm internet searching, can only find recruiter sites. figures!
  12. montinurse

    Interested in doing agency seeking advice

    I've been doing agency in Phoenix area, they give me a light patient load because I am agency and most facilities don't know me very well yet. I've really enjoyed agency bc it gives me flexibility while I go back to school..good luck
  13. montinurse

    ADN-BSN paper

    So, I'm doing my online BSN, writing my very first paper of the program. I'm a little rusty :)My paper wants me to describe a patient care situation in which I describe how nursing care or approaches to decision making may differ based on education prep (BSN vs ADN) I just need some brainstorming ideas! I am at a total block. My paper is finished, except for this requirement. I'm an ADN-it's not easy to think BSN yet :)Thanks in advance
  14. With agency, you are your own boss. Mine seems to care because it wants me to stay working for them. So they accommodate n my requests without much hassle. Depends on how you look at it. I don't fully agree with the above statement. To an extent, sure.
  15. montinurse

    Getting Away From the Bedside

    Not true! I couldn't get any calls other than the ICU-I have 3 years ICU and recently moved to a different state....I know this thread is a few months old...
  16. montinurse

    Mount Vista in Mesa

    Any nurses work there? Feedback? I've been offered a wonderful position, just curious of your thoughts. IM me if needed. Thanks!