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  1. by   winnieander
    Hi Smuffins!!

    I'm from San Jose too. Have you decided whether you're going to Valpo this month? I haven't checked allnurses forum for a while and I'm surprised to see some new people inquiring about Valpo. I actually visited the school a few weeks ago.. the school's not bad. It's very different from CA, but I'm thinking of it as only going there for 15 months; can't be that bad... right? I believe the tuition with fees and whatnot will end up being around $50,000 for the ABSN program.
  2. by   smuffins
    Hi winnieander!
    Oh, how wonderful! I decided not to attend Valpo this month because it was such short notice. I am applying to other schools to have more options.
    How did you like Valpo? Did you like the environment and people in the community/school? Are you doing the ABSN program?

    I contacted the university for more information about the school and everyone was extremely nice and helpful. I also like how there is a small teacher to student ratio. I will let you know if I attend Valpo this fall!

    All the best!
  3. by   Nascar nurse
    Quote from smuffins
    I'm very afraid of going to Indiana because I don't know how the atmosphere/environment (friendly? close-knit community?) will be. I guess my most important concern is, is it a safe community? What areas should I stray away from when looking for apartments?

    I have lived in Valpo my entire life. Valpo is a small, clean conservative town. Could almost describe it as "old fashion". To read the local paper with our "quickly" complaint section the biggest concern would seem to be the new round-about roadway near the campus. Most of the old-timers HATE the dang thing & it's all the mayors fault...blah, blah, blah. There are only one small section could even remotely be considered "scary"/unsafe".

    Good luck with your decisions.
  4. by   smuffins
    Thank you so much for telling me how Valparaiso is like, Nascar Nurse!
    Musicstar23, have you decided to go to the university this coming fall?

    And winnieander, how do you like the ABSN so far? Do you like the school? Community? How are the clinicals?

    I am having a very difficult time deciding what to do with nursing school, so I'm going to visit Valparaiso this month/July.
  5. by   valpo_absn_program
    I'm currently in the ABSN program, and I thought about writing a review on Valpo since the beginning of the fall semester but lacked the time. I browsed through allnurses for any relevant info from its users before I decided to come here but there weren't many responses regarding the program.

    I'm officially halfway done with the program and I just want anyone who's considering attending Valpo's ABSN program to look at your other options before coming here. I was accepted to the program within 3 months and yeah, the school is very easy to get in when compared to other more competitive schools.... now I can understand why. The program is horrible and I thought a small private school would have a small classroom ratio, but NO! They combine accelerate students with the traditional junior or senior students so some classes can consist of over 100 people. You will not be able to get to know your professor on a more personal basis unless you make the attempt to do so.

    Tuition is incredibly high for the quality of education and you will have to guess the cost of your tuition because they do not list the amount on their website, nor will they tell you upfront. The reason being "there's a 5% tuition increase every year, and you will have to ask the nursing dept to tell you" That's what the financial aid office and student accounts told me.. When I heard that, I was like "are you **** serious?" every school's student account or financial aid services will be able to tell you how much it is to attend the school... but nope, NOT VALPO. I have talked to many fellow ABSN students and many of them have the same frustration as me.

    Another thing that seriously disgusts me is that the summer tuition per unit for the nursing program is $230 more compared to other undergrad summer courses. So basically, an ABSN student had to pay $3000 more for the same amount of units for the 2 summer sessions when compared to a non-nursing major, and this is completely absurd! What is it about the summer nursing classes that it cost $230 more than other courses??? I plan to email the financial aid dept over the winter break and find out...

    I emailed and requested the student accounts/financial aid a few months ago to list the actual amount of the cost for the ABSN program for future students, but I doubt they will do it.

    I'm glad I've finally been able to write this post, I hope this will help those of you who are trying to decide whether or not you should attend Valpo for its ABSN program. I could go on and on and talk about what else is horrible about this school, but perhaps I'll save that for next time.
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