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Graduating w/ BSN in Aug2011

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  1. winnieander

    Bay Area job market for new grads

    I'm graduating with a BSN next month and hope to move back to the bay area (specifically San Jose/Santa Clara) after I pass the boards. I've been reading the posts on here and it sounds like the job market is still pretty tough for new grads in CA. I'm wondering if there's anyone who found a job within 6 months of graduating? I really don't want to wait a whole year before I find a job.. because by then I'll probably forget a lot of the things I learned in school. What's your experience with the job search timeline if you're currently employed. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  2. winnieander

    Job market for recent grads?

    I see. Good luck, I hope you find a job soon!
  3. winnieander

    Job market for recent grads?

    Thanks for your advice aquarius30. When did you graduate? and did you eventually find a job, if so, how long did it take? Lastly, do you know what states some of your classmates moved to for RN jobs? I'm currently in the midwest for school and would really like to move back to the west coast... if not California, either Oregon or Washington... I just want to get an idea of where people are moving to for jobs. Thank you.
  4. winnieander

    Bay Area New Grad Programs in 2011

    Hi there, I'm graduating from an out of state BSN program in 2 months and was hoping to move back home to the bay area after graduating. However, after reading the numerous posts from the California forum, it seems to me that the CA nursing market is still pretty horrible from what it was a few years ago? I've read that there are some people who are still looking for jobs 1 year post graduation??? that sounds extremely discouraging...... I'd greatly appreciate any input from anyone who can give me some personal experience they've had post-graduation... those of us who have no connections to any hospitals seem to have a really tough time getting in to a good place to work. Those who found jobs after graduation, how long did it take for you to get hired? Thanks, any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  5. winnieander

    Northwest Indiana hospitals hiring new grads?

    Thanks for your response Chocolateskye. Sorry to hear about your experience at Methodist. I've heard mixed reviews about the hospitals.... *sigh* Are you now working at a different hospitals here in NWI?
  6. winnieander

    RN hourly salary in Illinois

    Thanks for the update romie. I thought the new grad hourly rate would be a lot higher in Chicago considering the higher living expenses. Perhaps I'll hold off on moving there after graduation.... ugh.
  7. Hi StillSeeking, Did you find a job yet? I'm graduating in 2 months and have heard that the job market is horrible for new grads... I'm currently out of state and may stay in the midwest for some work experience before moving back if the job market is still the same for new grads. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. winnieander

    Job market for recent grads?

    hi ICUskeenRN, I'm graduating from an out of state nursing school in two months and am wondering what's the current job market is like right now? As someone who did not do clinical in the bay area hospitals, I feel like that would put me at an disadvantage. I'm hoping to go back home to San Jose after graduation, but am contemplating staying around the Midwest to gain some work experience since I've heard that it's tough for new grads to find jobs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. winnieander

    Valparaiso, Hobart, Merillville Hospitals

    Hi there, Can someone tell me what's the starting salary for new grad RNs in the area? Thanks!!
  10. winnieander

    RN hourly salary in Illinois

    Hi everyone Can someone give me an update on the salary for new grads in Chicago? Based on what I've read so far, I'm guessing it ranges from $26-$28? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  11. winnieander

    Living in Chicago on an RN salary

    Hi everyone I'm a nursing student who will be graduating in August and am wondering if anyone can tell me what is the average starting salary for new grads in Chicago. Based on Juwon's post above, I'm guessing $25-$28? I'd greatly appreciate it if someone can give me an update. Contemplating whether to try to find a job in the city or just stay in NW Indiana... Thanks!!
  12. winnieander

    Valparaiso DNP program graduates

    I think the program is relatively new and I noticed not many people respond or create threads about Valpo...
  13. winnieander

    Northwest Indiana hospitals hiring new grads?

    Hi everyone, I see that this thread is from 2009 and am wondering if anyone knows what's the starting salary for RN at Methodist? Thank you.
  14. winnieander

    Anyone going to Valparaiso ABSN in May 2011

    I'm currently at Valpo for the ABSN program. I would not recommend coming here if you have other choices available. Tuition is way too high for the quality of education. The nursing dept does not tell you how much the 15 month program cost, I had to do my own calculation to estimate how much the 15 months will actually cost.. and they raise their tuition 5% EACH YEAR. Student accounts and Financial aid are both useless. I'm halfway done w/ the program so it's too late for me to go somewhere else... but for anyone else who's thinking about coming to Valpo for ABSN program... Think twice before coming here.
  15. winnieander

    Accelerated BSN at Valparaiso

    Hi Smuffins!! I'm from San Jose too. Have you decided whether you're going to Valpo this month? I haven't checked allnurses forum for a while and I'm surprised to see some new people inquiring about Valpo. I actually visited the school a few weeks ago.. the school's not bad. It's very different from CA, but I'm thinking of it as only going there for 15 months; can't be that bad... right? I believe the tuition with fees and whatnot will end up being around $50,000 for the ABSN program.