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  1. I had the same problem years ago with my ex-husband. He was very jealous when I returned to school and it eventually lead to violence on his part. That is why he is an EX. My current husband is very supportive of my return to school to become a nurse. I am glad that your husband seems to have come to his senses.
  2. careerswap

    Accelerated BSN at Valparaiso

    Anyone going to Valparaiso for the accelerated BSN program?
  3. I just got admitted to the accelerated BSN program at Valparaiso University in Indiana. Is anyone else planning to go into this program? I live in Illinois just across the state line from Indiana. I have a B.S. in pscyhology and an M.B.A. but spent most of my career in the computer field.
  4. careerswap

    Patient Simulation Labs

    Thanks so much for the feedback. The links were very helpful. I have applied to 2 schools that have patient simulation. I hope to get accepted into one of them.
  5. careerswap

    Patient Simulation Labs

    I am currently finishing up my prereqs for nursing school and have applied to nursing school. Do any of you attend schools with patient simulation labs? Do you think they help new students who have never done a number of patient tasks? I am changing careers and was not previously in the medical field.