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  1. Career Advice

    I was a bedside nurse for a little less than 2 years, and just recently made the switch to Research Nursing. Bedside nursing and research nursing both leave something to be desired. That being said, even with the drawbacks of my new job, I don't regr...
  2. Johns Hopkins new grad 2011

    I work at the east Baltimore campus but from what I know Bayview has a full range of services/units. By no means is it a rehab facility or "sub acute". It is the adult burn center for Maryland, has a long-standing OR residency for nurses, etc. Defini...
  3. Johns Hopkins new grad 2011

    So I just hit the 4 month mark of being unemployed since graduating nursing school. With 100s of applications submitted and what seems like even more of rejections, I started to let myself consider non-nursing jobs. With a burst of bravery, I decided...
  4. Johns Hopkins new grad 2011

    Morg- Congrats on the interview offer! Depending on if you do "share time" or not in the ER you will need to bring scrubs and proper shoes. As far as what else to bring? On the Hopkins nursing site they give some basic instructions, in my experience ...
  5. Is Home care a good choice for New Grad?

    I'm a new grad myself, but one of the nurses I worked with said she started out in home health and found it to be very valuable. In her own words..."Let's just say by the time I got a hospital RN job I was able to put in an NG tube with one hand on a...
  6. Johns Hopkins new grad 2011

    My interview got postponed til next month:\ Good luck to everyone else who is beginning the process of applying and setting up interviews!
  7. Johns Hopkins new grad 2011

    It took about 2 weeks for me to hear back after I submitted my primary interest e-mail, and my interview is next week.
  8. Johns Hopkins new grad 2011

    Scarlettanager- I had a similar issue when I got my primary interest e-mail. I couldn't remember what type of pediatric unit I applied for. I told them my main interest was in ped's med-surg, followed by critical care. Turns out I had applied for a P...
  9. Johns Hopkins new grad 2011

    Congrats!!! And thanks for the time-frame, I feel better now:)
  10. Johns Hopkins new grad 2011

    understandable. I only had a couple 1-day rotations to the ICU and ED. But my classmate had that or less and got offered a job in the PICU.
  11. Johns Hopkins new grad 2011

    I've been biting my nails lately, so maybe someone can calm my nerves over this. I got the "primary interest" e-mail from JHH on Friday in response to my application for a peds position (which I couldn't remember if it was med-surg or PICU :\ ). Anyw...
  12. Drexel ACE Fall 2010

    I want to say it took about 2 weeks for me to get my transcript evaluation. I thought I'd have a problem with my nutrition class and my human development since my nutrition class was only 3 credits and the human development class wasn't in the psych ...
  13. Drexel ACE Fall 2010

    Awesome. I think I am going to take it through American Public University, their course dates work the best for me. Good luck with your ethics course!
  14. Drexel ACE Fall 2010

    uscdg: will drexel accept Excelsior credits? I know it's kind of a unique program, that's why I'm wondering. I came across it (it looks great), but even on their website they mention that not all programs accept their credit. bridget marie: what is C...
  15. Drexel ACE Fall 2010

    Can someone please recommend a good (average intensity) online ethics class to take? I need to drop the one I'm in now, it's awful, plain and simple. I need to take it this summer (I'm attending the ACE program in the fall). Thanks.