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Finshing up 3 yrs of prereqs transferring to 15 month BSN program

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  1. musicstar23

    Accelerated BSN at Valparaiso

    valparaiso unversity report card website to more info is as follows http://collegeprowler.com/valparaiso-university/local-atmosphere/ b+ academics b+ athletics c+ campus dining c campus housing c- campus strictness b+ computers d+ diversity b+ drug scene b- facilities b- girls a greek life b- guys b+ health & safety b local atmosphere c+ nightlife b+ off-campus dining c+ off-campus housing b- parking c- transportation d weather
  2. musicstar23

    Accelerated BSN at Valparaiso

    Hey, do u have Valparaiso on your facebook? I do and I think it's cool! On that note, my heart was broken because my Religion and Human nutrition credits did not transfer over causing me to miss out on the accelerated program. I have been accepted for the Fall traditional Nursing program & let me tell you, "I was not a happy camper"! But what can you do? I was told that I met All the requirements for the accelerated program back in December, however it seems that I was terribly misinformed. The primary reason why I decided to apply to Valpo is for the accelerated program offered. I live in Illinois and there is only 1 school that offers an accelerated program without a bachelors degree. Many Universities offer the accelerated option only for individuals seeking a second Bachelors. This really sucks for me because I only have an Associates degree in science. P.S :nurse:I live 45 minutes away from Valpo so please do not hesitate to ask me any questions!!!
  3. musicstar23

    Should I take Chemistry BEFORE I take A & P I ???

    i would recommend that you take whatever you like first! it really does not make a difference if you take a & p i or chemistry first. one course does not have anything to do with the other. a & p i is primarily biology, while chemistry deals with more ideals on math and chemical elements e.tc. i haven 't taken chemistry since high school, but i have taken college a&p i and it was pretty interesting and the material was very basic. to my understanding, a&p ii is a lot harder because it involves more detail and is not so basic! my advice is to go on the website "rate my professor.com", and check out the professors that are teaching these courses. i have done this myself in the past and find it extremely helpful when selecting professors. remember that a class sometimes can be easier or harder depending on the professor you choose.... good luck, musicstar23
  4. musicstar23

    New CNA!!!

    I just passed my CNA test also. Honestly, it isn't a big deal. It's not like CNA's get paid a nice amount of money. I guess I'm not that excited because I took my certification test for pharmacy years ago & this test was Super easy in comparison. Anyway, congrats!!!