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My social life as an ICU nurse always left something to be desired. I'm now happily married because I met my husband -- a software engineer for a pharmaceutical company -- through a social network online. But both of us were frustrated that there isn't a place for professionals in the medical field to meet. We're thinking of starting a dating and social network website exclusively for nurses and professionals in the health care field. Does anyone else think this is a good idea -- or are there already too many online dating websites out there ? Would you use a website that was a place for nurses and others in the health professions to meet ?


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I don't know-- it seems like a lot of nurses chase police officers and fire fighters! :lol2:


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Honestly, probably not. I don't think I would want to be married to another nurse or a health care professional It's time to come home and unwind, to leave the day behind me when I walk through the door. I think it would be hard to find the off switch if I dated someone else in the medical field. It's nice to share the events of my day with a pair of fresh ears. I like explaining medical things to my fiance and hearing his awed reaction to what I do. I like hearing about his day, too, and I feel we contribute so much more coming from very different career fields.

I also don't think I would use a professional site as a social tool either. I don't want to hang around with people like me 24/7. I want diversity and it's nice to go out for drinks with the girls without hearing about how many times a patient pooped (and the color/texture/consistency!), how short-staffed the floor was today, or the day-to-day battles of the medical field as a whole.

I think it's a nice idea in theory, but not something I'd be interested in. If I want to network with others in my field, I just come here! I don't think finding a partner would be impossible on here either. 30,000 nurses and many other health care professionals a day isn't too shabby!


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I would love it. I have looked online already and have not found a single sight devoted to healthcare for nursing online dating. I thought about it myself last month, but I do not have enough computer knowledge. Go For It! I will be the first to sign up.


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I say go for it too. I would love to meet a guy who is in the medical field who is able to travel since I am looking into traveling next year. That would be perfect!!


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I think that it is a great idea and I would definitely try it.


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Absolutely go for it. I'm an ICU nurse and would love to meet someone to at least travel with. Count me in.

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I don't know-- it seems like a lot of nurses chase police officers and fire fighters! :lol2:

And carpenters......


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I met my husband on;. in january of 2003, marrried in December of 2003.. and so far we are happy.. he is not in the medical field... he doesn't understand my "stories" alot of the times.. but maybe that is a good thing....

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I don't think it's a good idea. I have friends who have looked on for other nurses, etc and they turned out to be full of crap. RN was really a tech, etc...Not that I'm bashing techs, I'm bashing liars, there are alot on the internet! That doesn't even begin to speak about the crazy people who sign up. :no:

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I met my boyfriend (of over 6 years) through an email group we were on. We weren't looking to date, just friendship.

For social life, I like . I'm on a few groups for doing activities like hiking, skydiving, wine tasting among other things. Granted, I'm not looking for a date, but it does help give me a social life. There are often single people in those groups, and the groups are joined by people that share interests (dogs, books, crochet, politics, religion, etc).


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Go for it! Sounds like a good idea.:)

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