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  1. buster4

    Passed my Boards!!

    Congratulations I know you are thrilled!!!
  2. buster4

    full support 20-30mm ??

    How long did it take for you all (those who wear support hose), to get used to wearing them??
  3. buster4

    AANP Certfication Exam ( I failed it)

    I graduated in May, passed my AANP in June, I used Hollier review CD's and Fitzgerald CD's and what was very useful, on Hollier (APEA's) website, they have a question bank over 1000 questions, and I went through every question, it details why it is what it is and why it isn't, I wrote everything down, so it was a very good study tool!!! I did Fitzgerald questions online, I didn't find those as helpful...... Good luck!!
  4. buster4

    Stuttering + interview???

    I appreciate everyones opinions and support given to this poster, Noone except a person who truly stutters, knows what a stutterer goes through, every word that comes out of your mouth is thought about in advance, so when people tell me "oh I stutter too sometimes". a person may stumble on words, but it is not the same as a true stutter.......... But to this poster, keep your chin up and feel confident in your abilities and knowledge and what you can offer to this company....... and feel free to send me a message or pm, or email good luck!!
  5. buster4

    Stuttering + interview???

    I completely understand, because I stutter as well....... my 6th grade teacher influenced me so much, he told me never let my speech stand in the way of me doing something.. and i have lived by that........ I have been lucky in school, all of my instructors have always been so great and supportive. Your instructor should be ashamed of him or herself.. for treating you that way....... I like you, have fluent periods and then times where I can barely put two words together...... during interviews I have been lucky and have "pushed through and tried to put myself in the best light".. I have never outright said up front that I stutter, I can hide it well SOMETIMES, but I have always been very good at my job....... and do my best....... but they eventually figure it out.. lol it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out...... but I go on...... So keep your chin up and keep going and don't let it stop you from anything!!!
  6. MM.. I will try, I jsut graduated in May, one thing I wish I had during school to study, is the review CD's. I think that would have helped me so much, but I didn't.......... don't try to buy every book on the list, I spent a lot of money on books, we didn't even touch.............. Iphone or I touch with Epocrates....... lots of large binders............. thats all i can think of right now!1
  7. buster4

    Failed the AANP and ANCC

    Hello, I am sorry about yoru situation, I cant' imagine how hard it is............. but I did not take the ANCC so I cannot speak about that test, I took the AANP and how I preparared, I bought the APEA and Fitzgerald review CD's, and bought a review book from Leik, and Fitzgerald regular review book with questions.............. and I purchased APEA 30 day unlimited questions, went through every question they had, there is an option of it giving you an explanation, it tells you why it is the answer and why it is not the others.... so you learn a lot by going through, I wrote all of that done and then went back through all of that............ I listened to the review CD's so much, I could almost tell you what they were going to say before they said it........... I studied several hours daily for about 5 weeks.... (I got laid off so I didnt' work)........... so I had read on here of several posts over the past couple of years of people failing several times, so I guess I over prepared........ but I highly recommend APEA's CD's and online question bank...... she is a joy to listen to and makes it fun, she has a wonderful way to remember murmurs which I used on the test....................... so I have seen on here that people have taken it more than once and have passed finally, so there is hope......................... but you need to probably do the AANP soon, (I was afraid of the ANCC due to theory etc that is my weak area)... but get prepared.......!!!!! I can only attest to what worked for me............... all of my classmates has taken the AANP and have passed several of them just took Fitzgerald Review. or went to APEA review course....... I liked having the CD's to listen over and over in the car, wherever I was.............. So GOOD LUCK AND DONT' GIVE UP!! You will just work very hard but you can do it!
  8. buster4

    Help w/Advanced Health Assessment

    I just found it on the iphone, its a cool application and its free! One piece of advice I would give you, is get a partner and practice going through the entire exam daily if you can on the same person (so you can get a rhythm and if you could check off on that same person that is a great thing)
  9. buster4

    Need advice..trouble passing cert exam

    I am going to try to bump this thread, hoping some people will come in and give this poster some uplifting words and someone who knows more about the ANCC, come in and give some words of wisdom, I know what I did for the AANP, but apparently its different!!! I don't know this poster personally, but we are all here for support and words of encouragment are priceless!!!!
  10. buster4

    AANP or ANCC

    I took the AANP on Saturday and had my license by that Thursday evening.......... soooooo its pretty quick, I took it June 18th...............
  11. buster4

    Need advice..trouble passing cert exam

    I am so sorry about your situation!! But don't beat yourself up!!!!! You are smart and can and will get through!!! I took the AANP, so I can't give any advice on the ANCC, but don't give up!!!!! I studied hard (6-8 hrs a day for about 6 weeks before the test), and I listened the audio cd's with Amelia and Fitzgerald in the car on my phone, everywhere, so I could almost say things before she said them!! lol....... I wish you luck but DONT' GIVE UP!!!! Hang in there and hopefully someone who knows about the ANCC will post!!! But please don't feel like a loser!! you are NOT, or else you wouldn't have made it through school!!!!!!! sometimes people have more trouble with tests!!! doesn't mean you aren't as smart!!!
  12. buster4

    Collaborative agreement question?

    Juan, does your state requires a "supervising physician"?
  13. buster4

    Collaborative agreement question?

    Thank you Juan, you are always so helpful, i know in Kentucky, there is no limit on the number of NP's a physician can collaborate with, but I just wasn't sure about having one with each physician in the practice........ and yes in KY you need a separate collaborative agreement for nonscheduled and scheduled drugs.. thank you so much for being so helpful to everyone!!
  14. buster4

    Collaborative agreement question?

    If you work at a practice that has multiple physicians, do you have to have a collaborative agreement with each one, or just one???.... I think only one, but I'm not sure...... The state is Kentucky, which requires a collaborative agreement to prescribe nonscheduled and scheduled medications..
  15. buster4

    Need help adjusting. Any advice?

    Hang in there, I think what you are feeling is normal when you change environments totally...... it will get better!! take it day by day!!
  16. buster4

    The dumbest thing you've ever heard...

    well, at one time, I worked on L & D, got a phone call in the middle of the night, a lady called and stated she was 23 weeks (??) and said her cervix was dilated, I was thinking which dr told her that and then sent her home..... I asked her why she thought her cervix was dilated she said "cuz I stuck my finger up in there and I could feel it!!".... I was flabergasted (sp).. hadn't never heard that one before...........