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  1. Passed my Boards!!

    Congratulations I know you are thrilled!!!
  2. Failed the AANP and ANCC

    Hello, I am sorry about yoru situation, I cant' imagine how hard it is............. but I did not take the ANCC so I cannot speak about that test, I took the AANP and how I preparared, I bought the APEA and Fitzgerald review CD's, and bought a revi...
  3. Help w/Advanced Health Assessment

    I just found it on the iphone, its a cool application and its free! One piece of advice I would give you, is get a partner and practice going through the entire exam daily if you can on the same person (so you can get a rhythm and if you could check...
  4. Need advice..trouble passing cert exam

    I am going to try to bump this thread, hoping some people will come in and give this poster some uplifting words and someone who knows more about the ANCC, come in and give some words of wisdom, I know what I did for the AANP, but apparently its diff...
  5. Just passed AANP!!!!

    I didn't do live review courses, I did the review CD's, both Fitzgerald and APEA........ and I used some different books....... I couldn't afford the review courses, with hotel costs, etc.
  6. How did you pass the ANCC certification exam?

    Congratulations on everyone who passed the ANCC, I just passed the AANP, I used both Fitzgerald and APEA review disks, Leike book, APEA question bank online.
  7. Just passed AANP!!!!

    Thank you all!!! I am still on cloud nine!!
  8. Too late to take my National Certification????

    Go to a review course, get the materials and study!!!!!! and then go take the FNP exam....... that is all u can do!!! I really do not know if there is a time frame in regards to taking it after graduation....... I have no info on that, but if you can...
  9. Just passed AANP!

    I am finished with my APEA and Fitsgerald review disks!!! yeah!!
  10. My life is so hopeless right now!

    Don't give up, sometimes things may seem hopeless, but you hang on and it will get better!!! I don't know if you are religious in any way, but asking God for help and reassurance helps, but if not reach out to a friend or someone to offer support!!
  11. FNP Boards

    I just did too!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, very hard test.!!!! I am so thankful and blessed that I passed!!
  12. Just passed AANP!!!!

    I am sooo happy!!! My first time, I passed, I used both Hollier (APEA) and Fitzgerald CD's for review...... I was soooo worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You'll can do it!! if I did, you'll can!!! Hang in there!
  13. Just passed AANP!

    I am sooo happy, I just passed AANP, this was the first time I took it, so I am excited............. I used both Hollier (APEA) and Fitsgerald CD's for review.............. Yahooo!!!!!!!!!!! I was scared to death, I have seen on here over time,...
  14. to give me your advice, how it usually runs, u see your own patients, if u dont have your dea # yet, does teh dr, help with signing the scripts , or how does it work if u don't have your dea # yet............i'm just am getting hired at this pain ...
  15. NP classes

    My program was set, I did part time, and worked full time............. so there wasn't any options about which classes to take, it was already set, mine was a brick & mortor (sp?), not online............ but you can do it!! just hang in there!...