I'm 30 y.o. No job experience(EVER). Need help with resume.

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Hey you guys!!! I'm having a very big problem here with regards to writing my resume. I really don't know what to write especially in the EXPERIENCE part. I graduated 2006 in the Philippines. Took the NCLEX-RN last Saturday and learned I passed last Monday. Now, I'm ready to find a job here in Florida but what should I write in my work experience when I haven't worked ever since. I need some advice here. Thank you so much in advance!!!

does florida nursing board allows you to provide licence without any experience ? I am not aware don't think otherwise. few states allow and few don't so i am asking you to know about Florida.

I think you must provide your experience if Philippines that should do good i guess.

If you have no work expereince than I don't think there is anything you can add to that section. These were the areas I used on my resume:







This is the advice I offered to another person with a resume question and I will say it here since I think it is valid - try to think of something you can add to your resume that would set you apart from others; perhaps a high GPA, perhaps volunteer experience, etc. There is an influx of nursing students and graduate nurses in my area so it is difficult to find a nursing job but not impossible. You just need to think of something that will catch a hiring manager's attention and set you apart from others. Best of luck!

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Put whatever work you did in your home country and be ready to answer the question of what did you do for 10 years, because employers will ask. If no work exp but that's the past. Suggestion is to start now, get a pt job, tutor, volunteer, even if its not nursing it is work experience. Inherently there are skills that one only learns in the work place even if its not nursing job. Look at your hobbies, skillsets think what can you do with it. So do all that while you're applying and looking for nursing work Good luck!

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You have never worked?

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What have you done for the past 6 years?

If you truly have been a nurse for 6 years and have never worked, I'd imagine you're going to have a relatively difficult time finding a job....

What is your immigration status? Who do you plan to use for references? Have you been taking care of children?

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