I'm an Unemployed RN Who can't seem to find a job!!!!!!!!!!

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HELP!! I got terminated on 6/13/03 and since then I have had a terrible time finding a job. I have been to almost a dozen interviews and try to present a positive image of myself. I have been turned down for every job I have applied for and I have excellent nursing skills plus I'm bi-lingual in English and Spanish. I live in Salt Lake City Utah......Could sure use some advice...


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Why do you think they aren't hiring you? Have you asked any of your interviewers how you could make yourself a more attractive candidate in the future?


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Not to sound too personal, but is there any reason why you think that employers do not want to hire you? I presume you have good references; does the termination of your other job have anything to do with the difficulty of obtaining a new job? Just some thoughts.



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Yes I have and have followed through on their tips. I present myself in a professional manner, answer all the questions they ask me and try to keep a positive attitude. Right now I'm doing agency nursing but I need a full time job with benefits. Of course I don't tell the interviewer that. I retired as a Case Manager for an insurance company last year after 5 years out of floor nursing because I missed the hands on part of nursing. I worked in a post partum unit in a small hospital that has a bad reputation for staffing shortages. I did the best with what I had to work with and when my boss terminated me she told me that maybe I should try another kind of nursing and assured me that she would give me a good reference. Since then I have had interviews with our local health department, some insta cares. The interviews seem to go well and they seem enthused about hiring me, then I get a letter stating that they hired another candidate. I just had an interview for a state job that I would have been perfect for. I just got the letter today that they felt that I had excellent qualifications but, unfortunately, they hired another candidate. I'm starting to get really discouraged and wonder what is going on. I have asked the interviewers but they just tell me that someone more qualified seems to come around after they interview me.


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I don't put down that I was terminated, I just put down reduction in force due to staffing cut backs..

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Sounds like there might be something questionable about the references your former boss is giving you, or the reason for the termination, especially since you were let go from a unit that is notorious for its shortages.


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I went through a brief stint where I couldn't get a job.

I collected unemployment and then one day I got like 5 job offers.

It's just a sign that you should do something fun for awhile.



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The agency that I'm working for told me that they got good references from my former employers. Also I was under the impression that they could only give out date of hire, how long I was there, how much I made and if I'm re-hirable. That federal law prohibits them from saying anything more!!!!!!!

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I have an Idea. I do the interviewing and hiring for our facility. We ask questions like 1) Why do you feel you are qualified for the position you are applying for? 2) Tell me about your clinical background for the last 10 yrs. 3) What do you find are your weak points? 4) What are your strong points? 5) Tell me about a stressful situation you were involved in at work, and how you handled it? 6) How flexabile are you ? can you be available to work every other weekend? 7) What elements do you find most important to maximize productivity 8) How many days have you missed from work in the past year?

If you would want to answer these questions in a Private message back to me, I will be happy to analyze it to see if I can pick up on things that an employer would view as a potential reason that would send up a flag to not hire you. I know it cant take the place of a face to face interview, as i cannot see you or get a feel for your personality, but maybe it will help identify areas that are causing a problem. Let me know if I can help you. email is excellenceinlearning@rn.com


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Originally posted by CeCiRN

I don't put down that I was terminated, I just put down reduction in force due to staffing cut backs..

You may want to reconsider what you put down as your reason for leaving... If you're saying one thing and your former employer is saying another and/or that you are not rehirable, you may have a problem. Good luck... and don't get discouraged! Let us know how things go. I'm a former Human Resource Manager, if I can help, please let me know :)


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So what do I do if my former employer is submarining me?


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The above advice is great. I recommend you use this time to take a respite and regroup a bit. I wish you the best!

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