I'm a tiger now!!!!

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Just got my acceptance letter from University of Missouri, Columbia (M.U.) today.

I'll be starting the RN-BSN internet bridge this summer.

Are there any other tigers out there?

Ya Hooo!



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Not a tiger, but a HUGE fan!!! My whole family watches MU religiously! Good luck and congrats!


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I'm not a tiger but i would like to say congrats and good luck!!

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Kudos! I'm a Bison. :)


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Congradulations Tiger !


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Now THERE's a fan! :chuckle

Go get 'em, Tiger!!!


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hehe :) I'm not a tiger but I'm a big fan! I live like 40 minutes from Columbia (soon to be 30 min or less when I move to JC) & go to the games when I can. Hubby & I went to a MU basketball game the day before New Years. (they won)

Good luck!


CONGRATULATIONS ANNE!!!! MU Nursing school is TOUGH but definitely doable. My cousins went to MU. One went for nursing. I would like to do the graduate program through MU they have a really GREAT program.

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Congo rats! :)

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