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Hello, I'm a student taking prereqs for a BSN program, but for some reason everyone and their dog feels the need to tell me to do something else because "nurses have too many people tell them what to do". I get really tired of hearing this, especially because it comes from people who, i believe, don't have a clue.

Does anyone else out there get that at all? Have you ever been told to do something different because as an RN you'll have too many people barking at you.. and practicing RNs- do you at all feel sometimes you should have done something different so you could more or less, be more of "your own boss"? I'd love to know!!



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Years ago, my physician told me that she didn't think I would be happy as a nurse because I seem to need autonomy...she's right in a way, there's aspects of nursing that I do not like, but I can choose my practice environment where I have some autonomy and the nurses, residents, et al are considered a "team." Ultimately though, I am leaving for another career and one of the reasons is a lack of authority and power, but this sort of decision is a personal one and only you can make it. You will be taking orders as that's part of being a nurse, but that's not the only aspect and if you enjoy nursing as a whole, then things should be fine.


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Just curious Gldngrl.....

You said that you are leaving the nursing profession....just wondering what you plan to take up next??? I've thought a lot about leaving nursing...but just don't have the guts to do it...




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i have come and go to tell ya the truth.....i was teachin pre school at one point. i have worked as a medical tech in the lab, that was my first callin while going back to nursing school....and right now i work part time in an ed as an rn and perdiem in a lab somewhere else ...... breaks it up! nursing is something i love but sometimes you'll get over welmed by being under someone else control. just make sure you pick the right place you'll be fine, and its out if you get burned out and leave it you'll always have it....keep you lisc. up:D


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No power or authority? Gimme a break, I am not paid for what I do, I am paid for what I might have to do. Sheesh!!!!!!!!!!

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I guess it depends where you work. As a nurse in LTC, you have a lot or power or autonomy. The docs are rarely in to see the residents and often times are up for most of the suggestions or request for orders that I have when calling them.

ER and other nurses work pretty independant too ? of course the Docs are the ones who give the orders, etc.

I work in critical care. Maybe it's just me but I really don't think of nursing as taking orders. The last time I took an order was when I was in the Navy. Yes, physicians write "orders" for the patient. It is my responsibility as an RN to follow through with those orders. It is also my responsibility to question a written order if it is not appropriate for the patient.

I also work in a teaching hospital and I have seen plenty of interns and residents "take orders" from higher ups.

Good luck to ya! Nursing can be a blast.


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Let me just say that I think it's terrible that people are trying to put down what you are trying to do! I had people say the same thing to me. Also saying things about why don't I just become a doctor...etc. It's things we've all heard!

Yes, as a nurse, I do have to take orders, but that's not all of what I do! As you know from school, there's those little things called "nursing care"! The things that we do as nurses that doesn't necessarily have to be ordered by a doc!

I work in a large teaching facility that's also a level 1 trauma center. And, as you can see by my screen name, I work in an ICU.

Now, in my department, the nurses work side by side with the docs (not only the residents, but also the attendings). They know that they can trust what I have to say and they're very receptive about what you have to say about how that patient's care should go. Now, there's always gonna be those doctors that when you see them coming, you just would rather slit your wrists than deal with them....but that's life! There's good and bad in any career you choose!

So, good luck in your career and don't worry about what those other people say!

Take care



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You're right,You win, leave nursing.


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THANKS for the input.. as confident as I am that I making the right decision, it helps to hear people second it.


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Originally posted by BarbPick

You're right,You win, leave nursing.

It's not as simple as that...part of nursing is taking orders from physicians, regardless of the setting. Another part of nursing is dealing with patients and families, some of whom can be manipulative and will use any means to override whatever a nurse may say and will engage the physician to change his original orders that the nurse was carrying out. This may be a small part of one's practice and it is an individual decision as to whether one is willing to tolerate conditions that are recalcitrant to change. Some people prefer a career where they have control and their decisions are not always challenged by each his own. Perhaps if hospital corporate culture would be more supportive of nurses, instead of giving in to every demand by other entities at their expense, nurses wouldn't be leaving the field.


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I know it helps hearing from other people, but you need to do what is best for YOU.

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