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Today was the last day of my CLINICALS. YEAH!!!!!!!! Next semester, my last semester I will have a leadership clinical where we will be on a floor and doing things with the nurse manager of the floor or we may be in the community doing something with the nurse manager of a community setting. Then We have our Senior capstone where we are in our area of choice for nine weeks working with a nurse. My Interest is the NICU. I choose that as my senior capstone, whether or not I will get it remains to be seen. My Second choice is OB.

I cannot believe that expect for Hesi and finals we are finished for the semester.

I have been studying and studying for the HESI and finals. For HESI we have to pass with an 85%. IT is ALL or nothing. If we pass with at LEAST the 85% we will get our 25 points if we get anything below 85 EVEN an 84 we will get 0 points. So that can make the difference between a whole letter grade depending where you are at in the scale.

I have not been having any negative thoughts and I have been very happy and upbeat the past few days now. I have been going through my NCLEX books and I even got an NCLEX Cd that evaluates you. I have been getting 90% probability so that is pretty good. I have been reading the question and each answer carefully to make sure the answer fits with the question stem. So, in other words I have been learning how to become a good test taker. I think my BIGGEST problem is the fact that I have been such a bad test taker with the past couple of tests and my test anxiety. IT is NOT like I don't know the material because if you sit me down without the threat of a test I would be able to tell you quite a bit. So I am working on the test taking and test anxiety. I went to the counseling center at school to get special help with that.

I have finished all my work for my critical care class which is just a study of critical care problems, I did the pediatric focus and I will be getting an A in that class my average is an A.

My theology, morality and health care class I will be getting an A-

My nursing seminar class I will be getting an A

My health management class is still in the air. I had an 90% prior to the last two exams but after the last two exams it drop me down to an 82%. I have to pass the HESI to keep the B. If I don't pass the, NO I will pass the HESI so let's not go there but if I don't I am beginning to understand that a C won't be the end of the world and the A's in the other classes will still make my GPA for the semester above a 3.0. My hesi exam is December 2nd first thing at 8am, the first day back from Thanksgiving break and my one and only final is December 12th.

How is everyone else coming along?


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How exciting! Good luck!



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Good for you! Our clinicals ended last weekend and we are down to 5 more classes till our 3 week break. :)

PS - What is the HESI?

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/cheer :)


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What is HESI? We don't have that here, unless they call it a different name...


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Yippee for you !;) Glad things are going better for you now Tonya!

You Go Girl ! Happy Holidays !:)


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ah tonya, it is good to see the "fire" back in you! congratulations!

be blessed and have a wonderful thanksgiving.

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Way to go Peace! You're almost there. And your grades are much better than mine. I, on the other hand, have two H &P write-ups, a formal paper for my theory class and a couple of tests before I'm done. But, I will celebrate by going to see The Two Towers on Dec. 18th:D

The HESI exam is what many nursing schools across the country have the give their students each year. HESI stands for Health education systems incorporated which stands for the company that customize tests for each individual nursing school. The faculty from individual nursing school sends them the list of topics they covered for that semester with their outlines and then the company makes an exam for them. The test is to make an estimate of what you would do on NCLEX. HESI recommends that you score an 85 probability in order to be deemed as a good canadite for passing HESI. The 85 is bare minimum.

At my school there is an all or nothing policy they do. You have to score an 85. If we score an 85 then we will get our points and my school decided to offer 25 points for that. If we FAIL and get anything below 85 even an 84 then we get 0 points. So It is a very important test for many of my classmates including myself because if you are at the lower end of the grading scale your grade could be affected one whole letter grade. The difference between A/B, B/C.

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