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welz26, LVN

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Same here, I also start in the 2nd semester this August and I have double feedings. I am excited yet very nervous because I have been told by many former nursing students that the instructors at many different schools are very hard on the students. I believe that there is nothing we can't conquer. As I have been told by an instructor of mine if you stay up on your reading and turn in all assignments on time you will do well. So don't freak yourself out because you can make things harder than what they really are. Also I just joined this website last week and from what I can see we have a great support system here on this website and if you have any questions everyone seems open to helping you by answering your questions.

Keysha :wink2:


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I start Aug.23rd. I had the summer off between semesters and I'm looking forward to school. Relax and :) stay calm and focus for the prize at the end.


suzy253, RN

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2nd year is creeping up on me....starting 8/24. But I am so unmotivated right now. Finishing up a retake of A&P....almost at the end and good grades so far but I seem to have hit a brick wall. Have had no relaxation this summer...well, maybe a bit but DH & I haven't gone away anywhere for a little rest. I have to refresh my dosage calcs as we're getting hit with a major exam the 2nd day of school and then plunge right into med-surg and instructors advised us to start reading from the new textbooks. Have I done it yet??? *sigh*.

OK...I'm not freaking...I did that last year when I just started school. I'm actually looking forward to going back...to have a more structured life but I need a swift kick in the butt!!! :chuckle


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Oh, did I say 600? Sorry, I meant 15. :rotfl:
:rotfl: I know it seems like 600. I have about 15 too and I start on Monday. Try not to panic. (yeah right like I should talk) I almost freaked out 3 times already and that was at the begining of the summer. I've mellowed out now. Just take everything one day at a time. When you graduate you'll look back on this day and say," That's it? That's what I was worried about? That was nothing!!!"
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