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Hi, Are there any nursing students from Truman on here? Past or present. I have some questions that I can't seem to find the answer to on their website. 1. Is the admission still "lottery... Read More

  1. by   xoloveinautumn
    Thanks! yes this was very unexpected.. the first time that I did not recieve a book voucher.
    I don't mind buying all the bundles in time but I can't just throw down $1000
    thank you so much!=)
    I also called the nursing office and she said our instructors will let us know
  2. by   4hana9
    Are you all going to read the 11 chapters for first week page by page (and all other future chapters)? I'm trying to decide the best way to learn, since it is quite a hefty amount of information.
  3. by   RUBY2623RN
    Hi 4hana9, I hear you!!talk about all the chapters that we need to go through!. The instructor recommends we should be reading on the powerpoints instead of bringing the book to class and be highlighting and not paying attention to lecture. What I like about reading her powerpoints, is that she marks with asterisks on the slides that we need to review for quizzes or future tests. So I just read the book to read more in detail about the areas that she suggests we should focus on. I don't think I am going to read page by page, that's too much.
  4. by   4hana9
    Hey Ruby2623,

    I think I will do what you suggested. Focus on the power points and use the book for clarification. I, in all honesty, would like to read each page, but it is just too much. My instructor did not put any asterisks on the slides, but that's okay because I rather know everything on the slides than try to learn everything from the book. Sometimes, it's hard to decide what's important in the book until the instructor goes over it in class. Like, I was trying to decide if knowing the Dreyfus model was important, until she said you only need to know "novice to expert". It's hard because our first exam is on so many chapters and we don't know the question styles. I wish we had a pre-test or a practice test before the first one just to get the hang of it. Nursing is so different. It's only five exams and that's it. It's not like any other college class I've had.
  5. by   miauna

    who is your instructor? Our instructor Ms. Huda, doesn't want us to do all chapters assigned for each week, because she still didn't lecture all of them. She said to study whatever she lectured first. It will still come up al lot of chapters for the first exam. we already covered chapters 1,2,3,6,21,22,31. And there is more to come. I just wish I have more sources for test questions to practice. Everyone says that question practicing is the best way for preparing for tests.

    Good luck!
  6. by   4hana9
    Hey miauna,

    I have Kipnis. I'm just trying to keep up with all the reading because it's a lot. She didn't mention anything about us not reading it until she lectures it. I'll try to do everything the syllabus says because I really don't know what's most important. Until I take the first test and see how well I do, then I'll change up my studying. It's kind of frustrating for us nursing students because we don't even have a feel of how the exam will be and we can't blow off any exams. We really have to do well on all of them. Good luck to you too!
  7. by   RescueNinja2013
    hello everyone!

    i will be applying to truman and daley colleges when their application period begins in october, and i would like to know what you think my chances are of getting accepted with their point ranking system.

    biology 121 =a
    biology 226 =b
    biology 227 =b
    microbiology =a
    chemistry 100/121 =b
    math 118 =c

    subtotal points =92
    reading compass test =97

    tie breaker points:

    cna =1 pt
    pharmacology 103 =1 pt
    biology 120 =1 pt

    total points =100 pts
    gpa: 3.513

    is there anyone that had/has similar grades/scores/points and gotten accepted? i have taken all these courses at daley, except bio 227 (mxc had cadavers, daley doesn't -i wanted the experience). i will also be applying at daley, and have already applied at wright for their lpn program (i'm awaiting to take the teas entrance exam). i also want to apply at malcolm x even though they're not nlnac accredited -just in case i'm not accepted at truman or daley. i mean, does it really, really matter that a program isn't nlnac accredited? -i'm just asking, i don't want this post to blow into that issue here, i'm more interested in your opinions regarding my acceptance. has anyone here turned in more than 2 letters of recommendation without getting $#!+ over it? can you tell i'm biting my nails here????

  8. by   kmuellfa
    Jesse-I think your chances are good. I saw your message and I did get in, I'm in Huda's class. I think I had 89 points, but only because I took BIO 227 and 233 in spring 2010 and couldn't get credit for them on my application.
    I had all other classes on the list, and I have a 4.0.

    Keep in mind, your tiebreaker points only come into play if there is another applicant who also has 92 points. Did you take ENG 101 as well? I think that's on the list.

    BTW, I was accepted at Daley as well. Just make sure your applications are PERFECT, no mistakes, I think you'll be fine.
  9. by   ChicagoMaryRN
    Hi Jesse - My total points were somewhere in the low 90s - 92, 93 - can't remember for sure. You should have no problem getting in with 100 points.

    As the other poster noted, I believe Eng. 101 is required - I don't think the Compass reading test is a substitute. Make sure your transcripts are in order and if possible, don't wait until January to get your stuff in, in case you're missing anything. I made sure my application was perfect, too. I do think they just toss out incomplete applications, because of the volume of applications they get. But with 100 points, you should be fine.

  10. by   RescueNinja2013
    oooops! i forgot to write that i did take english 101 (and 102 was required at the time) and i got an 'a'.

    i'm getting my paperwork sorted and and making sure everything is 'perfect'. i'm really hoping that i get accepted into truman, because i read that it's more organized, lecture-wise; that it's 8 weeks of one subject, 8 weeks of another -compared with daley that practically force feeds you many subjects/lessons at once. i hear that wright's lpn program is very disorganized as well, that you'll study for a test and boom! no test today, it's next week. or they'll change clinical sites without notice, or that they get stranded without a clinical. but the biggest complaint is that you're teaching yourself. i hear awesome things about truman and i want to be taught by the best. who are the best, most patient instructors to take during nursing 101 and 102? and is there a night class as well???? thank you all for your replies. not to seem immature or cheesy, but you can also send me a facebook message, my email is ruizmeza at comcast dot net
    fb has become like my new email
  11. by   4hana9
    Yes, it is really important that the program is NLNAC accredited. Some hospitals will not even hire you. Also, if you ever plan on going beyond the Associates of Science in Nursing (ASN), NLNAC accreditation is an absolute must.
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  12. by   kmuellfa
    We just got back the results from our first exam, and the class average was a C. I am shocked. It originally was 50 questions, but our instructor decided to drop one question (I'll find out why today in class).
    Dropping the question bumped me up a grade *whew*, but I can't believe that half the class got D's or F's. I know my fellow students are not C,D, and F students, and I feel for them.
  13. by   RescueNinja2013
    Hello kmuellfa,

    What type of questions were on the exam? Can you remember a few? I want a glimpse into the future of what I'm getting myself into lol.

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