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  1. frida26

    Do all accepted Truman applicants start as first year?

    Hey, I'm a first year Truman Nursing student that took some pre-requites from UIC. If you have finished all the pre-requisites that are required to enter the program. You will enter as a first year nursing student. Truman nursing program is only 2 years the same as if you got accepted into UIC nursing program after finishing the pre-requisites. Except that in Truman you will be getting an ADN as apposed to a BSN. Hope that helps.
  2. frida26

    IDPH Rural health scholarship?

    I received my rejection email too! This economy sucks funding for a lot of scholarships has been cut this year.. I guess I have to work full time and go to school. Good luck everyone
  3. frida26

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Hello guys, If any one is interested a former Truman graduate is selling Taylors CD($49) and Craven text books ($60). Let me know if interested I can forward you his the email.
  4. frida26

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    hello everyone, regarding the stethoscope i'm probably getting a littmann. i have been reading the reviews and it sounds very good. moving on, today i dropped off the required paperwork due in august 1. they told me that if something was missing that they would email me or call me in a week. i hope they don't wait to the last minute because it's going to be difficult to get labs; they take like 2 weeks to get back! i hope everything goes well. also, today i heard from a friend who is a ccc adn graduate that they are going to stop giving the hesi as a graduation requirement. i did some research on this website and it's true, well part of it! if you search it you can see what's going on with the hesi from older nursing students. apparently they are abolishing the test for 2005-2010 graduates and they are giving them the opportunity to graduate and take the nclex! i am so happy that this happened because i think i thought it was an injustice and it gives me hope for our 2012 class. i'm sure we will hear about the final decision when we go back to school. think positive thoughts everyone!!
  5. frida26

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    gonnabeanurse11 or anybody, Is the lab coat required for our program? I bought everything else but that yesterday. Should I buy it???
  6. frida26

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    hahahahahaha!!! Thank you gonnabeanurse11. Will get it together, its just a lot in to take in right now...
  7. frida26

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Hello guys, I just called the nursing department. You don't need urinalysis, but you do need the CBC. The book list emailed to you is just to help you find the required text books since they have all the the information needed e.g. ISBN number, edition, authors name. Stick to the list of books given during orientation day. Also, if you are wondering, it is not mandatory to have health insurance during the program. You will be responsible for your health in case you get hurt or sick during the program. In case you guys haven't done CPR training I just did mine on Saturday. I did it with CPR associates INC. They have locations in foster and Peterson. They have classes Monday-Saturday. I payed $35 dollars for the class. I honestly believe that we need to help each other, thats the only way we are going to finish this program!!!
  8. frida26

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    is anyone taking the not required classes, but "beneficial" (medical terminology and pharmacology)?? i'm wondering if i should still take it or drop it and save me some money for the fall semester expenses. i registered for medical terminology, because it was online and convenient with my schedule. although, i would had rather taken pharmacology because i think it's more useful. also, do you guys think it will be crazy for me to work full time this semester?? i have an office job and can probably make some time to study during work. other than that i probably will be studying in the night after my classes. i'm doing the evening classes?? i would really appreciate your input. thanks guys!!
  9. our4sonsandourgirl, I'm not a nurse, and do not have the definite answer to what you are asking. Although, for my personal goals I want and will be attending an accredited program (Truman). Because in the future I want to advance to possibly an NP . For some of the schools, one of their requirements is that you obtain your RN degree from an accredited program. I personally haven't called the schools and asked what they mean by accredited, but I know that Truman is a NLNAC ACCREDITED NURSING PROGRAM and I think thats the only accreditation for associate programs. In the future I don't know if its going to make a difference if I went to an accredited or non-accredited program, but I don't want to risk it. My friend was in your shoes she was attending Morton College Nursing program, although that school was not accredited she continue going because a Nurse from her family told her that it didn't matter. Unfortunately, she failed and got kicked out of the program. In regards to sitting for the boards. I just got this from Malcom X website:The Nursing Program is a two-year, 70-credit hour program. Graduates of the Nursing Program successfully meet the requirements for the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Nursing (A.A.S.) and qualify to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Malcolm X College - Nursing Programs in Chicago. Above all, the decision is yours good luck!! '
  10. I revoke my last reply, read this our4sonsandourgirl Hey Guys, New to the forum. I just wanted to speak my peace about the City Colleges and reputation. O.K. Well first of I am not aiming to offend anyone but give a little insight. I am a University of Chicago Hospital employee (15 years) and have seen the diversity in nurses from all walks of life ranging from A.D.N., B.S.N., NP, to CRNA. Not once have any of my co-workers asked what school did you go to during an emergent situation or crises regarding patient care. Every one must work as a team regardless of credentials, race, gender or dislikes. By the way I work on Labor & Delivery. I guess my point is this. Do not get caught up in what you think is consider the best school, better program or the most qualified. For example West Suburban College is accredited and look at all the mess going on there. Daley College is good-but they are on a conditional accredition basis until 2016. Truman , yes, great program, but Triton, Moraine Valley and Prarie State are excellent programs also. South Suburban was consider good before a time, but they have run into problems such as the whole 2009 graduating class took the HESI 3 times before passing. All the while, Olive Harvey 2009 class had 67 students take the HESI and 63 passed on the first try. The whole accreditation process is voluntarily by colleges submitting applications. Some schools do it for status, others for money and actually some do it because they know they have a good program that works. Believe me , the NlNAC does not come to a school by suprise and say "Your program failed" . It is all a voluntarily process. The real deal is the Illinois Higher Education of North Central and the Illinois Department of Profressional Regualtion-who by the way determines if your program is accreditied and the courses/classes are transferable. And ALL of the city colleges are approved by the IDPR. Kennedy King just got back on the list and only accept LPN's into their RN program due to them coming off of suspension. Olive Harvey stopped their program for 2 years back in the late 90's due to them foreseeing the same fate. However, I must say, Olive Harvey is back on track due to them retaining Dr. Terrell from Truman in 2008. She was the one responsible for Truman's success and she is responsible for the passing rate of the HeSI exam for the graduating 2009 Olive Harvey nursing class. Sure, some schools have a ways to go, but you can not brush them off entirely with out knowing the facts. Daley is an intense program that is non traditional-meaning: if you can withstand doing psych one week, ob/gyn 2 weeks and med-surg the next and be tested on all at one time than that school is for you. I have several co- workers who endured Daley and can tell you every meds there is to know. But I also have 3 co workers that graduated from Olive Harvey and one became a Family NP, the other a director of L&D and lastly, a CRNA. Nursing school is what you make of it. Of course go to the school you feel have the most to offer you as a nursing student. But please do not think for once, people who graduated from schools that you see as inferior to yours is less of a nurse than you. The majority of us attend the community colleges due to cost, finance and the convience of time and closeness to home. Oh, by the way, I transfered 76 credit hours from Olive Harvey to major universities across the Chicago area. ALL but one Math 099 was accepted by all of the univerisities. And St. Xavier accepted 72 hours which allowed me acceptance iinto their nursing program. As the saying goes "What is a doctor that get C's ? .... A doctor ! A ReaL nurse is one that goes the extra mile, pray when tears are not enough, hold the hand of death while knowing all was done to help, serving others with out feeling inferior and being the hand of God when others can not see him.
  11. frida26

    Truman or Daley college in chicago(help please)!!!

    Hey Irinasal, I will be attending night classes at Truman too!! Are you ready for orientation next week!! I got a reminder email today. I'm so excited been waiting to start nursing school for a long time...
  12. Malcom X nursing program is not accredited.. Try Truman or try Daley again.
  13. frida26

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Hey, Regarding the Reading Compass exam for the nursing program. Its only reading not math, hence Reading compass exam! The exam was not that hard I got a 91 because I get very nervous and cant think straight. I prepared by taking the reading compass practice test. They can give it to you in the testing center or you can find it in Truman website. Just type what you are looking for. I also, Google more reading practice exams just to be ready. Overall, I don't know how good of a test taker you are are, but extra practice wont hurt GOOD LUCK!!
  14. frida26

    Calling all Truman College Nursing Students

    Is anyone in the nursing program currently and have or are taking classes with Huda, Robinson or Harmon. Can you please tell me what you think about them. I already checked their reviews on rate my professor but two of them did not come up. Any feedback will help! Thank you.
  15. Hello, I recently got accepted into the program Fall 2010!! I'm doing the evening program hopefully. Does anyone know what teacher I should choose for evening classes. Te professors teaching this semester are Robinson, Huda and Harmon. Can anyone help!! Thank you so much in advance!

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